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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get the Perfect Anniversary Ring

If you are approaching a special wedding anniversary then you may want to present your other half with an anniversary ring. These bands commemorate a special milestone in your marriage and remind your loved one that they are still the light of your life.

Anniversary rings are traditionally intended for women yet you can also find styles designed for men. With such an ample variety of gold vermeil rings on the market, that’s great news for all the husbands out there!

A guide on how to get the perfect anniversary ring

To help you decide between sleek silver stacking rings and diamond gold vermeil rings in the UK, consult our guide on finding the perfect anniversary ring.

What is the difference between anniversary and eternity rings?

Whilst anniversary rings celebrate the number of years you have been married, an eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love.
If you want to go down the traditional route, then anniversary and eternity rings look very similar. The main difference is that the diamonds on an eternity ring form a full circle around the band. Furthermore, the stones that stud the band should all be the exact same size.
On the other hand, the diamonds on an anniversary ring only feature on the front part of the band. Looking down from above, anniversary and eternity rings are interchangeable.

But of course, it’s not mandatory that an anniversary ring contains diamonds. Perhaps your partner would rather wear a contemporary design instead. You can browse a variety of styles ranging from the traditional cuts to funky pyramid rings and decide which is best for your loved one’s tastes.

What year do you get anniversary bands?

This is entirely up to you and your partner. It’s typical to present such bands around major milestones such as the 10th anniversary, 20th, or beyond. However, with so many wondrous gold vermeil rings in the UK jewellery boutiques, you might want to snap one up as early as the first year anniversary!

How do you wear an anniversary ring?

Depending on the style of the band, an anniversary ring may be stacked on the same finger as the wedding and engagement rings. If that’s too crowded then the engagement ring could be replaced with the anniversary ring. In that case, the engagement ring can be moved to the other hand.

Alternatively, an anniversary ring can simply be worn on the right hand. Ultimately it all comes down to the styles of the rings you have and which ones coordinate the best. Stick to the same hue of metal, so for example, gold vermeil rings.
Naturally, your loved one will also want her rings to be in the most comfortable position.

What styles of anniversary rings are there?

There are a number of styles for a classic anniversary ring.

A prong setting features a series of little claws that grip the stones and has the potential to hold the largest diamonds. By comparison, the more discrete pave setting uses micro pave diamonds which appear across two rows.

A channel setting is the best option if your partner wishes to wear their anniversary ring on the same finger as their wedding band. The stones on the shank of the ring are set along a ‘channel’ between two walls of metal. No prongs are used which makes this the best fit for stacking rings.

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