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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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8 Tips to travel from Australia to London

Thousands of people move to the British capital on a yearly basis and most of them are Australians. For some the experience of shifting their bases could be a daunting one but otherwise there are also people who absolutely over the new journey and try to embrace every moment. It indeed feels great to meet and greet a completely new community which is totally different from what you may have experienced until now.

If you have been planning to shift your base to Australia permanently or just going there for a few months then it is always necessary to know all the things that you should expect from this foreign land. For every Australian, London city is considered to be a home that is located far away from their original land. This is a pace which makes them feel good and comfortable. This is mainly because people speak the same language which is English. If you have been thinking of staying in a city for some months while going out on a European tour then London city is surely one of the most amazing place to be seen at.

The British capital serves as a great base to every Australian who is on a look out for some interesting things to see and do during their stay in London. Steeped deep into historical exquisiteness, the English capital has emerged on to become a powerful city promoting a multicultural society. There is everything in this city which you would like to explore and enjoy during your upcoming vacation. This city has several amazing things to offer to each and every Australian who wishes to explore the music, nightlife, art, architecture, culture, music, museum, sports and everything else that will make you feel splendid.

London is surely a huge city which might get difficult for any person to see and explore during their vacation. However, if planed properly, things can be handled properly. If you are not too much keener on hiring a travel operator to plan everything for you and wish to do everything on your own then the best way could be to dig into all the important factors properly.

As you start leaving for London city, there are things that you need to consider.  A trip to the city of London surely needs some major planning and it is always important to explore and enjoy every single bit of the moment.

• Need for VISA: Those who are legal residents of Australia do not need to apply for a tourist visa while in London. A short term visa is available which last up to 6 months after entering Britain. The immigration officer needs to be well satisfied by the purpose of your visit and the passport must meet the various UK Immigration rules. Australians generally get to enjoy free visas while entering into the United Kingdom.

• Suitable time to plan the London trip: It is extremely important to select an appropriate time before visiting the English capital. Although it is said that every season in London has something distinctive to offer, you must not visit without a proper plan. The months of January or February are popularly celebrated in London as during this time of the year, people in London celebrate the Australian Day. Celebrate the joyous moments with some tasty beers and delectable cuisines and have a splendid holiday break ahead.

• Direct flights from Australia to London: There is a 9 to 13 hour time difference in between these two places which is why no direct flight is usually available. One can choose an indirect route that stops at Thailand before following the route to London through Bangkok. Try to compare the flight rates before zeroing on the ticket price.

• Hotels to stay at: There is no dearth of hotels in London. Each area has a unique ambiance which feels lovelier to experience during the tour. Try to put up at hotel Grand Royale London Hyde Park which will let you enjoy a happening time in the city. This centrally located hotel will let you stay close to most of the city centre attractions which you must consider exploring during the tour.

• Transportation: London is known for being well enriched with the best transport network that will further help you to easily navigate from one end of the city to the other. There are buses which cover several routes and take you to the mostly explored sightseeing attractions. There are trains which take you to several popular hotspots in absolutely no time. It is quite fun to take the Underground trains to the travel-worthy attractions. If you are willing to spend a little more money then the black cabs are there for easing up your holiday quotient.

• Oyster Cards: Those who are looking out to embrace the cheap route while travelling around the English capital can get the Oyster Card. It will help you to get around different parts across the city without having to pay huge amount of money.

• Transferring money: It would not be an issue to transfer the Australian dollars into UK pounds as you can do this online at lower rates. It will take maximum 3 working days to clear the amount. It is also possible to get better exchange rates without having to worry about the minimum or maximum amount.

• Insurance: It is important to get yourself covered under suitable travel insurance. Apart from staying in Hyde Park hotels London, you must consider to choose an appropriate travel insurance policy that will make sure that all your travelling needs are well catered.

These are some of the pointers that you need to consider before planning your London trip. It could be a dream come true opportunity for any person who is hailing from Australia and looks forward to celebrate his or her vacation moments in absolute style. London has surely got all what anybody would need to have a fascinating break ahead. You would love the idea of enjoying your vacation in the most amazing way.

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