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6 Rose Stud Earrings

Rose gold is rising in popularity and it really is no wonder. This soft and versatile hue lends itself to many environments whether casual or formal and adds a feminine touch to your look. Rose gold is particularly attractive over the warmer months as it feels light and fresh and breathes new life into older outfits and when worn as an earring, it makes your eyes sparkle and your skin glow with health.

We’ve rounded up 6 of the most beautiful rose gold stud earring trends as inspired by our favourite handmade jewellery brands to help you to adopt this gorgeous trend.

Beautiful Gemstone Studs

Never underestimate the power of a simple pair of stud earrings for women embellished with a natural gemstone. Semi precious stones are affordable for all budgets and offer so much variety. Choose your favourite hue of onyx or opt for the traditional black which forms a striking contrast when placed against a delicate rose gold setting. Labradorite is an alternative choice that looks remarkable with rose gold, particularly as the colours in the stone change dependent on the lighting.

Odd Couple Studs

A big trend this year that we’re excited to see develop is odd earrings. Wearing mismatched studs speaks of your individuality and encourages those around you to pay attention. You can purchase odd earrings from handmade jewellery shops but you can also embrace creativity and mix up your existing studs.

To The Moon

You might associate moon motifs with silver and sun designs with yellow gold, but do you know what works perfectly with either? Rose gold, of course! Astrological themed stud earrings are always in fashion and add a layer of enchantment to your style. You can buy a set and wear them symmetrically or choose to mix up your stars, crescents, and sunbeams.

One Stud, One Drop

Picking up on the trend of odd earrings, you can also introduce an edgy vibe when you pair a stud earring with a drop earring. Pop a stud in one lobe and in the other, choose dangling onyx chain earrings that compliment. You’ve gotta love the lopsided look!

Busy Bee, Butterfly

Are your friends always commenting on how busy you are and how your diary is always chockablock? Then wear your busyness with pride and slip in a pair of bumblebee rose gold studs! Throughout history and multiple civilisations, the bee has been associated with celebration, community, and power. If you’re more of a social butterfly then you’ll be delighted to hear that this is also a popular design of rose gold stud earrings for women.

My Precious

For a special occasion, you can introduce refined glamour by sporting a pair of precious gemstones in an elegant rose gold stud backing. Clear diamonds, in particular, look incredible with this metal hue but we’re also a fan of emerald against rose gold for a vintage look. If you want to don a traditional jewel but aren’t keen on sparkles then pearl studs make a suitable alternative. Swing by your local handmade jewellery and pick out the perfect pair.


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