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6 Different Types of Necklaces for Women

Ask any of the leading London jewellery brands what brings an ensemble to life and they’ll tell you, a necklace. That’s right, the humble necklace is the very essence of the modern wardrobe.

But necklaces come in such a huge variety of styles. From an eye-grabbing choker to a rose gold pendant necklace or a sleek string of pearls, there are endless choices.

Inspire your autumn look with the 6 most popular necklaces currently trending at the Jewel Tree London.

6 Different Types of Necklaces for Women

1. Pendant

A pendant necklace is a go-to accessory for many women for a reason. Technically, a pendant refers to the jewel or other trinket that is attached to a necklace chain. This can be anything from a semi-precious gemstone to a locket or a charm, so pendant necklaces are commonly sighted in jewellers. Take for example this rose gold pendant necklace which features a silhouette motif.

2. Choker

Chokers burst into fashion in the 90s and it’s no wonder they’ve lingered on the catwalk and remained so popular! There are so many variations available; you can don a chunky choker or opt for something small and subtle. We love this subtle rose gold necklace chainthat hugs the neck, but we also can’t get enough of statement chokers.

3. Graduated

A graduated necklace is a single-strand necklace that, more often than not, features beads. The size of these beads starts small at the clasp but increases in size as the chain slithers its way around to your throat. They are a particularly popular choice for pearl necklaces and are a very elegant style of necklace.

4. Opera

Opera necklaces are long, sweeping chains that flow down to your navel with a length of 26-35 inches. This style may be worn as a single strand or doubled to create a two-strand effect. An opera necklace adds some pizzazz to your daily look and they are fabulous for black tie events. Ensure that you wear a neckline that doesn’t detract attention away from this dramatic chain. This rose gold necklace chain is available as an opera necklace.

5. Princess

Many of the necklaces you will see created by London jewellery brands are in fact princess necklaces. This style is generally determined by its length. Typically princess necklaces are 18-inches long which means that any pendant or otherwise will rest right below the collar bone. However, a princess necklace doesn’t necessarily need to feature a pendant. A string of pearls may also be characterised as a princess necklace, as can this rose gold pendant necklace.

6. Lariat

A lariat necklace does not have a clasp or traditional closure like other styles. Instead, this type of necklace is secured by either threading one end through the other or by tying a knot in the chain. They may feature beading, pendants, jewels, or contain no further embellishments.

Now you know the names of the most popular necklace design for women. Next, you can check out the latest range of necklaces online at Jewel Tree London.


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