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Thursday , 9 April 2020
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London events In Summer 2018

Traveling to London might just be of one the best things someone can do in his entire life. Everyone requires a place to crash for the night whether they are on a family vacation or they are on a business trip.

Luckily, London has countless luxury hotels situated all over the city which cater to the needs of the visitors in the best possible way. For first time visitor, Hotels Close To Bayswater Tube Station are some very good options.

How about The Grand London Paddington Hotel then? The hotel is an excellent example of class and grandeur with all the amazing amenities that you will find here. Not to mention the facilities and the very trendy restaurants that serve the best dishes on a palate.

London Events For Summer 2018

London events in the summer are the best way to forget about the scorching and bask in the coolness and awesomeness of the events. You will surely have a lot of fun in these events. So what are you waiting for, people? Let’s have a look at the events.

  • Skylight: Have an amazing time at the former car-park situated at Skylight, where the rooftop playgrounds are the perfect venue for summer-time fun and events. There are numerous beer bars, street food joints and a fantastic view of the skyline of London City that you can enjoy
  • Citadel Festival: The amazing Citadel Festival is one of the most famous and well-known festivals of summer 2018. On a Sunday morning, grab the family and head over to the Citadel festival which is the hub for music, dance, food, arts, and theatre. Have a blast with everyone there
  • Lovebox: If there is one festival that we are eagerly waiting for, then it would be the Lovebox. One of the best and the most amazing festivals that happen in London City, Lovebox brings together all the party monsters together under one roof and everyone has a gala time. With such amazing music performances, it is no wonder that it is known as one of the much-awaited festivals in London
  • Wimbledon Tennis Championships: Whether you consider yourself to be a tennis fan or not, this s something that you just cannot afford to miss. The summer-time this year brings with it one of the best and the most awaited Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Don’t miss it people as you will be impressed
  • Pride Festival IN London: How about getting some colorful rainbow flags and showing the support to the LGBTQ crowd in the city of London. Join one of the biggest LGBTQ festivals in the world which has London as one of its locations. The Pride is back again with a blast and you better enjoy the most of it
  • Music festivals: What’s London without its mesmerizing music? Well, the summer-time is when the music festivals in London City begin to open up and it is the time when you can have the most fun by visiting these events.

So, there you go people. These are some of the most amazing London events that you just have to enjoy if you are ever in the City of London in the summer of 2018.

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