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Thursday , 9 April 2020
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Engage In The The Sherlock Trail Across London

Even in the 21st century, almost all of us remember the great detective, Sherlock Holmes. Over the course of time, he had pretty different incarnations in the last 125 years. For those people who are the real fanatics of Sherlock Holmes, read this article till the end.

So, following the Sherlock trails across the city-London, let’s go ahead and immerse our self in this never-ending the adventure.

Starting the Route at St. Bart’s Hospital

At the start of the very first scene, Sherlock Holmes jumps were seen jumping off the roof. Well, this hospital is one of the oldest in the UK and has come in plenty of the Sherlock episodes. The shots of the interior as filmed in Cardiff and you can even see a phone box. Here, at this phone box, fans all over the world filled messages after the demise of Sherlock Holmes.

Heading Across the BlackFairs Bridge

Alongside the river, you will see the Oxo Tower. Here you will have to come on time as the tides can wash away the patch of the Thames. Here, you will also see the security guard’s body washed up altogether.

Make Way towards the Charring Cross

This location is the all-time famous for Sherlock Holmes Pub located on the Northumberland Street. Now Via the Trafalgar Square, is the place where Sherlocks and Watson walked around in the scene of the Blind Banker. The British Academy in real life is the academic center where humanity and social science is studied.

From St James Park to New Scotland Yard

These famous places have been in almost every episode of the Sherlock Holmes series. Now, if you will keep going ahead, the Eaton Square features the house of “The Women” which was seen in episode 1. The prices of the house in this area are worth millions and are owned by the royal families.

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Belgravia Diary

From Bulgravia, you can take a big hop to the next location after relaxing a bit. Just by taking a 45-minutes walk around the Hyde Park, you can catch a glimpse of the Leinster Gardens. Here, in this garden, the two empty houses of the numbers 23 and 24 were a part of the Last Vow in episode 3. Also, the windows of these houses are painted and it doesn’t have any letterboxes attached to it.

Head Back to the Baker Street

The Baker Street is known as one of the most prime Sherlock Holmes locations. As of now, this street is known as the Sherlock Holmes Museum which depicts some magnificent art. Also, there was plenty of the Sherlock Holmes buildings which were didn’t appear on the show.

Final Words

In the midst of this thrilling adventure, you can get the best rest of your life at the park grand London Hyde Park. Here, this hotel is at one of the most prime locations and has the best customer hospitality service in any case. For those Sherlock Holmes fanatics, you have loads to do. Well, take the first step, follow the Sherlock Trails and relive this moment, inevitably.

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