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Unwinding at alternative cinemas, salons or game cafes some fun in London city

Unwinding yourself in the city of London is quite crucial to many as it is best to avoid a lot of alcohol intake but then get consumed by something more good and refreshing although the city has many a places to go out and chill yet people should know about a few of the good places well in advance so that they can plan accordingly.

Shuffleboard at Montcalm Royal

This is an amazing offering made by the Montcalm Royal London City and it is one of the only places that has opened up the shuffleboard game . The game can be played between two people for fifteen points and in case the number of players are more they can also be adjusted accordingly in case you feel you have heard it for the first time then you need not worry they are  good with teaching people about the same. As per the rules of the game minimum players is two in number and maximum are four players in one game and the points are increased accordingly, to start the game a coin is tossed to see who will take the first chance and which colour they will opt for. The rules of the game are quite easy and the rates are reasonable for any time between six in the evening till ten in the night the rates are pound thirty and for people who want to join in the game before or after this time slot the price is just one third of the present and you can play for a time period of thirty minutes.


 Dancing is fun and that too with full energy for anyone who hits the dance floor is quite difficult without consumption of alcohol as only then the people begin to loosen up instead some of the new concepts that have hit the market have been more successful. There Black and light yoga has done some terrific changes for the young and old who love to dance and wants to do so without consumption of any drugs they have built in the atmosphere and the people are requested to come in dressed in real jazzy clothes with their faces painted . While the music is on they can do their favourite jig at their own pace without anybody recognising them.

In case you are not a yoga enthusiast and you believe in burning out some calories the best way to do so is hit the Zumba classes where you can dance to the tune and perform some high calorie burning aerobic exercises. The atmosphere along with the instructors are quite helpful in making feel good as well as you tend to unwind yourself with the set of fast paced exercises.

Drink at dry bars

Some of the London Hotels Special Offers for the visitors is to guide them to a healthy way of enjoyment and that is where drinking at the dry bars come into the scene, in case you are non-alcoholic then you have the best option before you and in case you are avoiding but would like to chill out with friends head straight to these dry bars where they offer you the kind of ambience you want to have why lounging yet the place is free of alcohol. Some of the self-styled drinks are the Beet O tini somewhat like the Martini yet it will contain no cocktail only organic beetroot juice along with fresh orange juice with some addition of lime juice to give the right amount of freshness . Although it is just one of the good innovations yet there are plenty in line all you need to do is instead of getting drunk and then deal with your hang over it is better to sip these beautiful innovative drinks at one of your dry bars and say cheers to a healthy lifestyle.

Meet over a cup of coffee or tea

 Being in London late night coffee drinking culture is not in and therefore more often than not you will find these shops shutting their coffee outlets by six in the evening , in case you are planning to catch up with an old friend you should head to these coffee outlets who somehow keep open till late in the evening hours like the Sacred which has a multitude of outlets all across the city of London and in case the weather is good and breezy they might just help you to sit out doors enjoying the lovely weather as you sip through your cup of latte.

In case you love the afternoon tea concept head straight for the sugar junction and feel pleased at the sight of twenty five different variety of tea while you munch some freshly baked home cooked food in their vintage tea area.


Idea of watching a cinema is very old and quite useful to those who are trying to avoid alcohol and then in that case the city has a lot to offer you can check out the independent cinemas at the London administration website and book seats for yourself. If you love exploring the idea of drive in cinemas then you also have the option for the same and it is more enjoyable to watch your favourite flick in your own space with the way you want to watch it.

Some of the theatres are on the roof top area all you need to do is get your reservations done at a prior notice and feel the cold and wind while you watch the movie you will be given pillows and quilts to keep yourself warm along with food which you can order anytime during the movie hours.

Solving puzzles

This is what you must have loved doing while you were a kid and as you grew up these wonderful ideas have just not struck you so it’s time to reach out for a puzzle room where you and your people can take part in solving few of the mysteries it is a whole lot more fun with each one of you involved in solving the puzzle.

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