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London Heathrow Airport the Best Way to Travel

Travelling is passion for some and for some it is the ultimate way to get a break from their daily and monotonous routines. When it is talked about travelling the first thing which comes to our minds is the way of travelling. The way can be different for different people depending upon an individual’s budget and preference. Next comes is the destination of course. Many prefer to travel to the capital city of England especially those who want to live life king size.

We all know how cool the city of London is. London is one such holiday destination which everyone would want to visit at least once in their lifetimes. It is an iconic place where one can eat, drink and sleep luxury. Without any glitch the city is an expensive one. When it is about staying in here people generally prefer a comfortable and a budget friendly hotel accommodation.

Visitors coming to London usually land or board flight from one of the major international airport in the city which is none other than Heathrow airport. When it comes to international passenger traffic it is known to be the second busiest airport in the world and the seventh busiest airport in the world. 14 miles west to Central London lies the Heathrow airport and is huge enough to roam. Heathrow Airport Holdings owns and operate the airport and is a primary hub for British Airways.

For those who have late night arrivals or have early morning flights to catch can avail the facility of hotels near Heathrow airport. These hotels are minute drive away from the airport offering the most comfortable rooms to stay in. There are plenty of hotels serving all across 4 terminals and these even have well equipped conference and meeting rooms. These accommodation options where you have all conference facilities are especially for those who are here in London for some work. What else do you need than a perfect location and a budget friendly place to stay?

Transportation to and fro from Heathrow Airport

When it comes to transportation, this major international airport can be conveniently reached by road or by public transport. To plan your journey from the airport all you need to know are the feasible transportation options. As mentioned above, the airport is just 15 miles away from Central London thus, can be reached via buses, coaches, taxis, trains and underground. Some passengers may prefer car rentals, for them there are varied car rental operators sitting and the airport and have specific pick up and drop off points at the airport terminals.

Usually trains are said to serve all passengers well no matter whether you are travelling towards or away from the Heathrow airport. These are quickest links between the airport and Central London. One can choose from the below mentioned services including:

  • Heathrow Express
  • Heathrow Connect

With a journey time of just 15 minutes, Heathrow express offers the fastest journey time between London Paddington and Heathrow. The bus departs in every 15 minutes. Next comes the Heathrow connect which is yet another stopping service to London Paddington and the airport departing every 30 minutes. The journey time with this transportation option varies from 31 to 49 minutes. These trains are modern and air conditioned and one can travel without any hassle. Tickets are available online and with Heathrow express you can even purchase the tickets on-board.

If you talk about the rail route, the most effective of all is the London underground’s Piccadilly Line. Usually the train departs and every 10 minutes, however the travelling time by tube is under an hour. Apart from these there are local buses and coaches available for all your convenience which takes you from Heathrow to more than 500 destinations.

Above all if you are not finding any feasible transport option for yourself then a comfortable stay at the park grand london heathrow gateway would surely suffice your expectations from your London trip.

Shopping at Its best at Heathrow

At Heathrow airport you can simply be yourself by relaxing at numerous lounges within the airport. Moreover, when it comes to shopping and eating the airport has no dearth of options. The World Duty Free at the Heathrow airport aims to offer an ultimate shopping experience to all passengers. Irrespective of your purpose to visit London one must never go empty handed from this London’s airport. Here you will find an unparallel range of premium products related to fashion, skincare, beauty, souvenirs to fine wines and cigars etc.

If we talk about airport bars and restaurants there are numerous options available. These range from fine dining options to snacks on the go. At varied airport terminals you will find some or the other shopping and drinking options which shall not make you feel bored. So, while at the Heathrow airport if you are waiting for your flight to depart or you have just arrived make yourself feel comfortable at any of the lounges and have give yourself a pleasurable treat.

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