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5 Enchanting Views That Will Leave You Breathless In London

London is one of the greatest cities to be in while on a vacation. The amazing beauty and elegance of the city is such that thousands of tourists flock together every year to come and visit the magnificent city.

Considered to be one of the top destinations selected by people for travelling and vacations, London City is the place where you should plan your next trip. There is so much to see and so much to do around here. The list just goes on and on. Once you land in London, you will have your hands full with the amazing activities that the city offers to its visitors.

After you get here, the first things that should be on you checklist is to find a suitable place of accommodation. A good and comfortable hotel in the city can really make your trip worthwhile and splendid. Luckily, such hotels are not very difficult to find in London.

Most of the hotels in London city are found to be of 5-star quality. These hotels are also the closest to the main tube stations of the city and thus provide excellent transport links to their visitors and ensure that they do not miss the sights and sounds of London City. Proving to be a wonderful meeting spot for tourists, these hotels are what you call the perfect accommodation options.

The Grand Royal London Hyde Park and the Park Grand London Hyde Park are some of the prime examples of luxury hotels that have gained the adoration and positive reviews of their customers. Decked with beautiful and stylish rooms and grand hi-tech facilities such as complimentary Wi-Fi and LCD TV, these hotels are the best options for comfort living. Also, the onsite restaurants and bars provide you with the choicest of cuisines and drinks and create a lovely atmosphere for fine dining. Come and enjoy your stay at some of the best hotels in London City and have a wonderful experience travelling the city of London and exploring the best of it.

Some Routes That You Can Check Out While Running

London city certainly has some of the best views that will seriously impress you. One of the best ways to discover the unending beauty of the places are to go for a lovely run along the streets and pathways of London city. Well, fortunately for you, there are some of the most amazing running routes in London where you not only get some exercise but you are also distracted by the beautiful view in the surroundings.

  • Along The South Bank of The Thames: You could always go for an amazing run along this route. This beautiful route takes you alongside the South of the River Thames where you will get to see the most amazing and beautiful places of London. A beautiful view is always welcome while running. Right? Well, this is exactly what you will get if you go along this route. Amazing attractions such as London Bridge and the skyline of the marvellous city also can be seen. Get up early and go for a run in this area and you will certainly enjoy it. Just hope that the weather doesn’t disappoint by pouring rains all over your plans.
south bank london
  • Richmond Park Loop: Want to find a little place of peace and quiet in the hustling city of London? Well, we have got just the right place for you. It is the Richmond Park Loop of course. One of London’s largest and the most peaceful spaces, this place is an apt route for enjoy a little run. Run along the tranquil atmosphere of the park and you will witness the amazing presence of wildlife in here. There are many gardens and ponds in the Park where you will find the Red and Fallow Deer, an interesting species. The feeling of the amazing wind blowing in your face while you run is certainly an interesting sight to behold.
Regent’s Park london
  • Regent’s Park: Certainly one of the most visited spots in the city, Regent’s Park is an apt place for a quick run. If you workplace is closer to the park, you could surely go for an amazing run in the relaxing atmosphere there. The calm and beautiful park is where you will see many joggers and runners doing their daily routine. Witness the beautiful view as you run along the bendy and straight pathways of the park. Don’t forget to go to the Regent’s Canal for a clean water view. With such attractive qualities, this park is certainly worth a try if you are in the moos for a quick running session.
  • Victoria Park: Who doesn’t know about the famous Victoria Park in London? It is obviously famous for LoveBox. But there is another interesting quality about the Victoria Park. It is a perfect place for a suitable run. The large grounds and the amazingly beautiful sculptures make for a pretty interesting view of the place. And also you find a relaxing atmosphere there. You can go through the side of the beautiful lake which is filled with swan boats and make your way through the marvellous bridges and beautiful gardens. The architecture of the park has a hint of Japanese style in it. You can also opt for the different fitness and yoga classes available there.
Victoria Park london
  • Battersea Park: Want to go for a quick run and searching for a beautiful place? Well we have just the right option for you. Battersea Park is certainly a great place for a little running session. Most of the Londoners agree that it is their favourite spot for running sessions. Situated just a little bit away from the gorgeous Albert Bridge you can easily view the bridge in the evening when it is lit up with lights. Go for a run in the Battersea Park and don’t forget to visit the Buddhist Peace Pagoda there. We’re sure that you will have a certain peace of mind when you go there. Go for a run in the morning time and you will be greeted with the sounds of a Buddhist monk praying there.

London is great city to visit. If you are ever here, make sure to visit these beautiful sites to enjoy the best views of London.

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