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Places In London That Are Mostly Visited By Americans

Well, you can spot a number of Americans in London, so what is the secret behind it? It is no doubt that London is one of the most favorite places to visit among the tourists and you can very well understand that by experiencing the rush that can be seen in London throughout the year. But, what is the biggest attraction for the Americans here? While there are plenty of places to see in London and the nightlife is also energetic just like the United States, but it is the history of this place that brings the Americans to this city over and over again. London has a special aura when it comes to the history of the place and the numerous castles and the number of museums along with some of the landmarks that are extremely popular not only delight the Americans but also every single tourist.

However, the Americans have a relation with this place and in a number of such amazing places they can connect very well. However, leaving apart the thought about what attracts the Americans exactly; let’s focus more on the places that are mostly visited by the Americans during their stay in this city. Anyway, no matter where they go or what are the different things that they engage into, since it is London, their experience in this city is just going to be the best.

Well, one difference that they can feel and see is in terms of hotel. Although, the hotels in London are grand and have all the top class features and amenities, but when it comes to the area of the rooms, these are comparatively small compared to eth American hotels. Anyway, as long as you can experience the best in a place, the size of the rooms really doesn’t matter much. Hotel near Lancaster Gate can be a good option for the Americans to stay. While you can find so many different hotels and so many different types and choices of rooms there, this area are happening at the same time and you can always experience the specialty of staying in this place. Well, to name one in this area, you can very well opt for Park Grand Lancaster Gate, which is just an amazing place for your stay. The staffs are really great there and will ensure that your stay is going to be a great one. On top of that, the complimentary offerings along with the modern architecture and amenities of the hotel interior, or the restaurant or the bar provide each and every aspect that a tourist expects from a top class hotel like this. Well, you can also check out the review regarding this place and understand why this hotel is so much projected here to be the best.

Places They Visit

Well, out of the so many different places that London has in its store, in most of the cases, the history of the place attracts the Americans. So, some of such places have been mentioned below considering the American trend of visiting these places

  • Windsor Castle London: This castle is an establishment right from the 11th century and has been the fact bearer of many royal events. If you are up for visiting some places away from the heart of the city, then this is one of the most chosen locations that you will love to visit. You can have the glimpse of royalty, with the palaces and the magnificent architecture. This castle played a very vital role during many historic events including the World War II. And, if you are lucky enough, you can even get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II as she frequently visit this palace and is considered to be her favorite weekend destination
  • Kensington Palace: This is yet another popular destination that is visited by the Americans and also the other tourists as well. There is a plethora of things that you can see. Right from the amazing construction of the palace to the exquisite gardens and most importantly a chance to see the Duke and Duchess live, provided if you are lucky enough. This palace is the abode of everyone’s favorite Kate and Williams. Not only the architecture, the garden is also one of the most amazing thing to see
  • The Tower of London: This is a must see place when you are in London. With the amazing construction of the place and house full or arms and armory, this tower also once acted as the royal prison and witnesses many tough days of the British History. The tower is constructed of ancient stones, which has its own set of history. Well, you can also make a visit to the zoo inside the tower, which was once there in the historic days. All in all, this tower is a nice place to visit and you will get in touch with so many different things from the past
  • Westminster Abbey: This is a world famous church and you need to visit it once for its dazzling beauty. Reaching there is pretty easy and all you have to do is take a leisurely walk from Thames. The amazing thing of this place is the architecture that has been attracting a number of tourists from all over the place. While the main base is the Gothic architecture and along with it the glass, which are stained in different colors makes this place even more bight and vibrant. With so many different beauties and a collection of religious artifacts, this church is considered to be one of the UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Hampton Court Palace: This is yet another historical site that you can visit to know more about the British History. This place was once the royal residence of King Henry VIII. On a visit to this place, you can come across some of the royal furnishings, which are a delight to watch. Along with that, the famous vineyard along with the maze gardens enhances the overall charisma of this palace.

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