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London Tours that fit the entire household!

Getting the perfect tour destinations for your kids as well as for your family can be quite challenging with the wide tourist options that London offers you. We give you the perfect guide to the places which are suitable for both your kids as well as for your entire family. We have compiled for you a list of the best places to relax and have some fun time with your family and kids. These places are very kid- friendly and enjoyable as well. Your kids will be totally thrilled at all the wonder and grandeur that these places in London have to offer. The tour will be very engaging and educational for you and your kids as well. You kids will be tired at the end of the day with all the activities to occupy them throughout the day.

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Read on to know more about all these amazing places which will trill your hearts as well as those of your kids.

  • Tour of Royal London:

Get a taste of royal life as you get your kids to walk along with the guards and even march with them. See first- hand where and how the Queen of England lives and does her work. Acquaint yourself with the things that she loves to shop for, and the street where she does her shopping. If you think that the weather is just perfect for a sunny picnic, then you can bring along a blanket and picnic among the greenery around you.

  • Tours centered around the most loved Pokemon:

Get your kids updated on all the latest technology. Take them to the Pokemon centred tours which are very friendly. For this you will require your phones with the pokemon app downloaded. You will be provided with all the pokestops for your kids to discover and lead you to them.

The most appealing aspect of this tour is that your kids will be making use of your latest phone technology and maps to discover these pokestops. The kids will be thrilled to discover all those squirtles, blastoises, and wheedles as they weave their way along the pokemon tour. They will also be asked to provide answers to clues in order to solve puzzles and will be awarded wonderful prizes for the correct answers, at the end of the day.

  • Harry Potter tours:

All of you fans of the famous Harry Potter series, discover everything that London offers you in relation to Harry Potter and go on a magical adventure. Explore all of those places in London which played a vital role in inspiring the popular author of the Harry Potter Series, J.K Rowling. Be a part and blend into all of those thrilling places which you will find in the Harry Potter movies. Mix with the Muggles and you get the opportunity to dress up and become as one as well. Be a part of all the Harry Potter fun, quizzes and magic that London has to offer you. Explore Diagon Alley, the Cauldron, sample the favorite of Bertie Bott’s Flavored Beans, and also the beans with the vomit and the rotten eggs flavor.

  • Nursery Rhymed Tours:

When its raining outside, then these nursery rhymed tours are just the perfect place to be in with your kids. For a nursery rhymed tour, explore the National Portrait Gallery. It houses the entire history of Nursery Rhymes, and it contains some very old nursery rhymes which were taught to kids even before you were a kid. This National Gallery is dotted with some of the all popular Nursery Rhyme characters. Your kids get to create some of their own portraits here alongside these nursery rhymed characters.

  • British Museum:

The British Museum houses all the grandeur of London’s history within its walls. Your kids will be amazed and awed with all that the British Museum has on display. The  kids will be given puzzles to solve, activities to occupy them, costumes to dress up in and many more fun things to do. Make sure that you visit the section of the British Museum that houses the Egyptian Galleries. They will totally love it!

  • Tour of Roman London:

This tour will be great for your kids to explore and take on the role of archaeologists. The city of London still houses some of the real Roman remains from thousands of years ago. They get the opportunity to participate in the building of the Roman arches. You and your kids get to explore the Roman Gardens where walls of the Roman period still exists along with real Roman baths. There still remains parts of the Roman Amphitheatre in London for you to discover to your heart’s content. The Roman Museum in London houses some very real Roman remains and artifacts from centuries ago. Your kids will enjoy dressing up as the Romans did and exploring London city on their own two feet. Your family and kids will be enthralled with the temple of Mithras, which is open to the public this year. At the temple of Mithras, you get to experience first – hand how the Romans prayed and worshipped their Gods in those Roman times.

  • Tour of the Great Fire of London:

This last leg of the tour will be fun filled and educative. You get to don the role of real life detectives and unravel the mysteries behind the great fire that caught London city, unawares in the year 1666. This tour is fun with its many costumes, props and cards with roles assigned. History tells us that London city was caught unawares in this great fire and that nearly 13,200 houses were burned to the ground, 87 churches were destroyed, 52 halls and 3 gates of the city of London were razed to the ground.

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