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Exploring The Southern Bank Of River Thames

While a travel by bus, train or even drive may seem to be fascinating enough, but there are certain places and areas, where you need to just walk through to understand the real feel of this place. And, when you are in London, there are a number of such places, where walking is by far the best thing to do. Especially, when you are in the South bank of the city and that too in the dusk, you can just have an amazing time exploring the awesomeness of this place. The South bank is also very popular owing to its so many different attractions that just looks splendid during the dusk and becomes picture ready.

Want to experience something like that? All you need to do is just walk around and keep on clicking pictures and adding then on your travel diaries. It is for sure that when clicked at this point of time, you will definitely get one or two of the best shots of your life. And, this is something that you will cherish throughout your life. Your, this trip to London, will be the best one.

While it is true that London ahs so many different things to do and see when in this city, but if you have missed the South Bank, you have really missed something great. While there are numerous attractions scattered in and around the city, considering that London has some of the most notable historic moments, you can see the glimpses of such histories everywhere in London.

So, before you are all set to explore the South bank and click some of the amazing pictures of these attraction sites, the most important thing is to find a proper place of stay. London is everyone’s favorite and this is the reason that a number of tourists through this city every time of the year. Therefore, you can understand the rush that you are going to face. So it is always a better option to book your hotel rooms in advance. What is also most important is the fact that your hotel should be located centrally, allowing you with the chances to opt for public transport while travelling to these exotic sites. And, so a hotel close to the tube or the railway station is always desirable.

And, when you are in London, there cannot be any form of complaints, right? So, the flexibility of hotel is numerous and you can choose the best one. There are so many different budget hotels located in the heart of the city. Even there are grand and luxurious hotels too. So, if you are okay with spending many bucks, you can go for the top class hotels also.

So, let’s consider the case of Marble Arch London Hotel. This is one such hotel, which can provide you with all the best amenities and features and at the same time can be light on your pockets. Hence, the advantage of choosing this hotel is manifold. On top of that, the location of the hotel is in close proximity to tube stations, making it convenient for you to go anywhere as and when required. Although, one can find many hotels near Oxford Street London, but the grandness of this hotel is something to be praised about. While the architecture of the hotel is simply superb and along with it have very classy interiors, but when it comes to the hotel rooms, they are very tastefully decorated. Also, the hotel gives you a number of complimentary offerings, thereby making a great start to your tour in London. Even the staffs are very efficient and makes sure that your stay in this hotel is just perfect, your way!

The specialty of South Bank

Now, coming back to the South bank, what is it actually that makes the South Bank of river Thames so famous? Of course, the numerous attraction sites that at once creates an appeal in the mind and heart of the visitors. so, when you have your camera ready and is visiting the South Bank duing the dusk, get ready to capture some of the best shots. But, where exactly? Well, here is a list of different places that you can see, feel and experience. Take a look.

One of the most mesmerizing places to be in for a capture is the pathway from Waterloo to the London Bridge. This in itself is one of the most amazing places to see leaving apart the other attractive sites. This is a favorite spot of a number of tourists and you can get just the perfect click there. So, while you walk across, you can see some of the famous landmarks of London such as the Tower Bridge, London Eye, House of Parliament, St. Paul cathedral, Tate Modern and the Millenium Bridge.

Whoa! Quite a lot of amazing places that you can cover up, by walking through the South Bank! Well, how about clicking some pictures form the amazing London Eye. When you are in London, it is always fascinating to opt for a ride in this giant Ferris wheel that can give you jaw dropping view of the city. But, you need to be very prompt when trying to sit in this giant wheel. The wheel never stops and is in a continuous momentum. So, while you are all packed with your DSLR and trying to get some f the best shots, you must be really careful throughout.

Well, the London Eye is definitely a very good option for clicking pictures considering that you can see the whole city from the top. While this is an amazing experience in itself, the pictures will surely be your best shot.

However, considering the other places and the important landmarks that you get to see in the Southern bank, you can capture them too. But nothing can definitely beat the excitement of clicking, when it is done literally in the air! While the other places are definitely very important landmarks, but the experience from the London Eye seems to complete every single thing.

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