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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Enjoying Peter pan with the Clipper Journey

Transportation in London refers to travelling in the Tube. There is the iconic red double decker bus. However, if you are thinking of something else you can avail for the envision trains, the tram or the DLR. Do you know that London transportation system will offer you with vehicles along the River Thames. This is available in the form of the MBNA Thames Clippers. These are popularly known as the river buses it is sure to believe that this is the best transport to help you get along the city well. This can be the most feasible way to get along the city of London.

There are several restrictive routes in London and this is when you should advantage of the best hotel deals in Lancaster Gate. There is the necessity to catch the Thames Clipper in time. Whenever, there are guests coming to this part of the city they can be guided about the Clipper routes. This will help them get along London easily. The routes will take you from Embankment Pier to Greenwich. Sitting in the Clipper you can enjoy the whole day visiting the major attractions of London. It is surely going to be enjoyable and can realise the difference in travelling.

Travelling on the Clipper will help you explore the markets and the museums at best. You have lots of things to notice along the way. You can watch for the St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Tower of London and it is great experience making a journey under the Tower Bridge. In fact, it would be great pleasure travelling in the Clipper and feeling the best during the journey. Here is the journey down the Thames River and you even get the chance to see Peter Pan at the destination of the National Theatre. On a wintry December evening it would be great fun moving along in the Clipper.

Before the starting of the journey you have to keep the tickets ready in hand. You can also make use of the Oyster Card to get into the Thames Clipper and for this you don’t have to purchase the ticket. Once you are gliding across the water you can pass by some of the famous London sights. There is a bar inside the Clipper and you can sip from the glass while travelling on the waterway. Travelling on the Clipper you can visit the theatre and spend the day watching some of the famous shows on the stage.

In case, you have the desire to watch Peter Pan you can always opt for the Clipper voyage and this will help you enjoy a safe journey all along. The setting was minimal and modern and the performance was fabulous. You can spend the time having fun with Peter Pan. Being a theatre reviewer I was able to describe every details of the show. The experience was indeed enthralling and perfect. However, the movie of Peter Pan has been reimagined and the director of the same was Sally Cookson.

The Clipper is sure to help you have a perfect watching of the Peter Pan and you can laugh for the whole time being at the show with the best of enthusiasm. You can sail to Neverland with Thames Clipper and there you can see Captain Hook in the form of the terrifying vengeful female. In the show you can see Tinkerbell and he is the man wearing the fairy light garland and you can see the children flying with him with the aid of the fairy strings rather than making use of the fairy dust. In fact, the movie suffices the purpose of entertainment and now you can feel best sitting on the seat.

If you want to watch Peter pan you can visit the National Theatres for the purpose. For this you have to depend on your friend MBNA Thames Clippers. In fact, you can make use of the couple of offers at the time of booking the tickets for the theatre. You can move to the theatre along River Thames sitting in the Clipper and for this you have to pay one third of the travel fee at the time of buying the single tickets online and for this you have to make use of the code PeterPan16.

Sitting on the Clipper you can easily reach the destination of Park Grand Lancaster Gate. Once you set to buy the ticket you can enjoy a discount of £5 on every traveller and this will help you watch the evening performance of Peter Pan at the National Theatres. You can receive the discount when buying the adult ticket in the specific price band of B and this starts from £52 and there is even the price band of C and this starts from £39. However, things are subjected to availability.

However, once you are moving on the Clipper it is time to take advantage of the promotion and then you can sit to watch the Leader of the Lost Boys and this is in absolute action. However, to make use of the same to make use of the code CLIPPERCODE and this you can make use of at the time of purchase. In fact, things are made easy with the usage of the code and with this you can even receive the reduction in price. In fact, it is fun to watch the theatre in the discounted rate at any time of the day.

It is a moment of joy to roam about in the Clipper and there are more things you can try out with the form of transportation. In case you are buying tickets for the clipper you have to book things in advance. This will save you the hassle to stand in line and make bookings accordingly. In fact, if you are not sure regarding the Clipper service and the Clipper timings you can check with the site and note down the details of the mode of transportation. It is great experience and thrill to try the Clipper in time and feel the essence of water movement.

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