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A Perfect Guide to Tate Britain and Tate National

Originally Tate Britain and Tate National was a popular single attraction known as the Tate Gallery. Collectively, they hold the largest collections of art work in England. However, in recent years these art galleries have been split up into the Tate Britain and Tate National. In the year 1897, these art galleries were opened by the famous sugar magnate by the name of Sir Henry Tate, hence its name. You will find large collections of significant British art collected and preserved here over the years. You will also find some of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art works displayed at these art galleries.

Due to the over loaded collections of art work, the gallery had been split into the Tate Britain and the Tate National. The Tate Britain houses all the permanent collections and historic art works of Britain over the years. The Tate National houses all the modern and contemporary art collections

For art lovers in the city looking out for art thrills, you are in for a treat at these art galleries. You can commute between these two galleries on either side of the river Thames on a fast ferry.

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  • Historic Art works at the Tate Britain and at the Clore Gallery:

View the most fascinating art collections of Great Britain dating back to several centuries ago. There are large collections of drawings and engravings at the Tate Britain done by world renowned historic artists in the past. Admire art works of William Blake, William Dobson, William Hogarth, George Stubbs and many more. View art work of landscapes, of personalities and characters, art works of attractions and sights in London as well as other spots in the country, art work of the heritage and historic buildings and sceneries.

 Some of the most notable historic art works includes those of the Gate of Calais, landscapes of several beautiful spots of nature in all its splendor, art work of the old chain pier, the roast beef of old Britain. The most notable art works of the 19th century includes that of Christ in the house of his parents, the Old Battersea Bridge which depicts how the Battersea Bridge looked like in the olden days.

Be fascinated by the art works of Edwin Landseer, Henry Fuseli, Joshua Reynolds, John Everett, James Abbott, Richard Wilson and many others, all at the Tate Britain.

Visit the art gallery displaying the impressive collections of Turner. You will find it at the Clore Gallery. The art work is housed in a two storey building. It has derived its name after the famous patron of art Sir Charles Clore. The impressive building which houses these art collections was done designed by Scottish architect.

You will have to visit this gallery several times to view all of its collections because they rotate their art exhibits at intervals. These art galleries can be found at Millibank.

  • Modern and Contemporary art collections at the Tate Modern at Bankside:

Be fascinated by the modern and contemporary art collections at the Tate Modern located at Bankside. Admire the art works of Henry Moors, Auguste Rodin, Maillol, Epstein and many more. At the Tate Modern, you will also find art collections of foreign paintings which are modern ones. The main works in this category include that of French Impressionist and the post- impressionist artists. Admire art works of world renowned artists like Henri Rousseau, Edgar Degas, Chagall, and many more, all here at the Tate Modern. Entrancing works of Pablo Picasso are also displayed here at the Tate Modern galleries for public viewing.

Some of the other art works at the Tate Modern includes works of Paul Cezanne, Henri de Toulouse, the Mandolin by Georges Braque and more. The eye catcher among these priceless treasures includes the art work of reclining nude with a necklace done by the artist of all time who is non other than Pablo Picasso.

Contemporary art works include those of the Seagram Murals done by Mark Rothko, the savannahs by Tony Cragg, the master piece art work of standing by the rags by Lucian Freud, and several others as well.

Gaze at art displays of expressionism exhibited in the drawings and sketches, and minimal art. There are also art works of drawings and sketches based on concepts which come under the category of conceptual art works.

Tate Modern is also much loved and visited by tourists, visitors and talented artists from all over the world because it houses collections of pop up art as well, done by prominent artists in the country.

  • Tours of the twin Tates:

Each tour around the galleries takes around forty five minutes to an hour to view these master pieces and strokes by artists. There are different sections to each of the galleries. Each section houses special arts of different categories from pop up art, contemporary art, modern art, expressionism, minimal art, conceptual art, French Impressionists, French post impressionists, Cubists, and as well as historian artists.

There is so much to be discovered, explored and sights to be seen at these twin Tates in the city of London. There are private tours as well as couple tours for ll tourists and visitors who visit the Tate galleries in the big city. It is best to explore these galleries with guides as they offer the best detailed information on the largest collections of art works in the country.

It is worth spending time and money to visit these galleries. They hold priceless treasures of the rich history, culture, traditions, art works, master strokes and more. The Tate Britain gallery is housed in an impressive structural building with intricate architecture and architectural carvings to be admired.

 Immerse yourself in the multi media guides, artist interviews, games and music inspired by art.

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