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7 Completely Free Things To Do In London

London, being the dream destination is not quite a cheap place to visit. If you have a tight budget, then here are a list of free places which will offer you the core look and feel of London without spending a single penny. There are a whole lot of London Hotels Offers  which you can avail. Check out the London attractions completely free of cost.


It is in London, the museum of natural history that displays many range of sample from various sections of natural history. It is one of three major museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the others being the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum it is on the Cromwell Road. There are several exciting exhibits and the building itself is a beautiful landmark. It is also known as the British Museum in 1992 despite the official separation from the British Museum in 1936. The museum is shelter to life and earth science decision contains some 80 million things within 5 main things like entomology, mineralogy, botany, zoology and paleontology. The very famous and definitely most important of the exhibition is nicknamed by “Dippy” which is a 105-foot (32 m)-long of a Diplodocus Carnegii skeleton which is displayed for many years in the central hall.  The cast gifted by the Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie, after a meeting with King Edward VII, then a trustee of the British Museum. The entry is free and the museum open from 10am to 5:30pm every day.



The Barbican Conservatory is a tropical oasis that has over 2000 species of tropical trees and plants and is situated in the core of the city. It might just seem to look like a big greenhouse to a casual observer, but exotic fish, quails and finches can be spotted here. The place was inaugurated in 1984 and it features a glass structure which very strange, controversial and famous architectural make-up. As it features glass roof, it can be visited easily in any weather. The place is open only on Bank Holidays and Sundays from 12:00pm to 04:00pm. It is a very popular choice for conferences, film premieres, and private functions. The Barbican Conservatory is capable of hosting 150 guests comfortably for drinks. The film of Harry Potter was also premiered here and even the Queen herself visited this place to attend the celebrations of its 25th anniversary in 2007. If you are looking for a place to stay then Piccadilly hotel London offers you best accommodation.  


Wellcome collection was founded by Sir Henry Wellcome, under his will in 1936 and is a free museum and library which investigates life, health and our spot in the world. With the help of live programming, digital broadcasts and exhibitions etc, you will be forced to think about the relation between medicine, life, science and art. The library here features around 750,000 journals and books with an extreme range of films, archives and manuscripts. The library also has an important visual collection which is known as the Wellcome Images. The library provides important information with the help of services and collection to anyone who wants to get familiar with the role of medicine in our society. The library is visited by more than 30,000 readers which often include students, historians, general public and health professionals.


The world’s second largest library is also the national library of the United Kingdom. It also features Sir John Ritblat Gallery which has very important treasures, including Beatles lyrics by John Lenon, Shakespeare’s First Folio and manuscript of Alice Adventures Under Ground. The library hosts Paccar gallery exhibition twice annually. There are three free of cost British Library exhibitions which include over 200 items from all over the world. The library is open every day of the week, though the timings differ a bit. It has more than 150 million items from different countries all over the world. The British Library is a very important research library with books, both in digital and print format. The library is entitled to get hands on a copy of every book that is produced in Ireland and United Kingdom.



It is the biggest Royal Park in London and is spread in an area of about 1000 hectares. The park flaunts very old trees as well as very rare species of birds, wildflowers, grasses, bats, beetles etc. the park has a protected status it is a very significant habitat for wildlife and is also a National Nature Reserve. The park also has playgrounds near Petersham and Kingston gates and near the Roehampton gate there are two golf courses and the park is home to around 650 deer. Pen Ponds offers fishing along with a cycling path and horse-riding tracks. For disabled people, public toilets are situated at almost every main gate. The park has a natural woodland garden known as Isabella Plantation. If you feel like having some food, then you should visit Pembroke Lodge, which is a Georgian mansion that offers garden seating and stunning views.



It is located about 6 kms away from Trafalgar Square and is considered as one of the most admired open spaces in London. It has the best views and points for you to enjoy, it includes Golden Hill Park, swimming ponds, sports pitches, athletics track, splash pools, open air Lido, among many others which will help you escape from the hectic city life. It is provided regional as well as national importance as it is aimed to be maintained as the best place for wildlife in London. It features several rare sorts which are identified by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Hampstead Heath provides outstanding amenities for organized sports as the surroundings of it is densely populated, it plays an important role.


Primrose Hill is located in the northern direction of Regent Park and it stands 213 feet tall. It lies between the outer suburbs and the core of London. You can enjoy the clear view of Hampstead, central London and also Belsize Park from the hill summit. In today’s economy, it is London’s most expensive residential area and many well-known people also stay there. The Chalk Farm tube station and Swiss cottage tube station are the stations nearest to Primrose Hill in the northeast and northwest respectively. Several services like children’s playground, toilets, Hill Trim Trail (Outdoor Gym) etc are situated in the southern side of the Primrose hill bridge.

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