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Wednesday , 12 December 2018
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Top Shopping Hidden Gems in London

Insider Information on the hidden shopping scene in London

London, just the name makes you have high expectations. London has remained a trendsetter for the rest of the world in culture and living standards. Not only is London a cultural marvel but also the place of birth of modernity. If you love to travel and shopping there is no way London is not on your list. London has a place for all sorts of tourists like the hipsters, the shoppers, the historians, the facts nuts, the slow and the fast paced. London is a treasure chest for both the traditional and the modern. It is a hotspot for the shoppers and the indulgers. Treat yourself right, shop in some of the most exclusive of shops and stay in some of the most luxurious of the 5-star hotels in London. “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”, these words by the great English writer Samuel Johnson in the 1700s and its relevance after nearly 300 years is a testament to the wonder that is London.

If you have seen what most people see and experience what is normally experienced by tourists in London and looking for authentic insider info on how the locals shop, off beaten paths and some quiet in the bustling city the following six places are worth your time. Live the unique hidden shopping gems and prepare to be blown away by letting London show you that it beats expectations.

From West to East the six hidden shopping gems includes

•             Chiswick High Road

•             King’s Road

•             Marylebone High Road

•             Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill

•             Redchurch Street, Shoreditch

•             Greenwich Market

Chiswick High Road

Chiswick is a paradise for people who love shopping away from the crowd. Find unique and authentic food and goods. This place offers you a traditional scene of London with a modern twist. Break the routine, shop at the independent stores that line the streets along with the big names. If you are looking for authentic antique or retro furniture you should start with Chiswick. In spring the boat house is opened for rowers and the street is lined with the blossoms it is the best time in Chiswick. Another thing of interest in Chiswick is the old pubs, the restaurants, Chiswick Mall with beautiful riverfront homes and the picturesque cathedral on the river front.

King’s Road

Hidden in Chelsea is this ever-evolving shopping street. Like Shoreditch, it is becoming a hip upscale shopping area thanks to all the high-end brands opening up shops here. Shop in style and shop away from the crowd here. King’s road is not all about the high street names it is also home to some of the famous independent shops and boutiques.

Marylebone High Street

Also referred to as Marylebone village it is a must do. Taking a stroll through this street will leave a lasting impression on your senses. The restaurants, the independent boutiques, the high-end names all co-exist perfectly and is picture perfect. You don’t have to enter this street with intent to shop, take a stroll and you will end up buying a roomful of things. The home décor and antiquities will give your house a makeover. It has some great restaurants and clothing stores. If you are looking for some quiet and quaint shopping look no further. This street is sub-parallel to the street that houses the home of the eccentric detective, Sherlock Holmes who has survived for ages thanks to the author. If you are a fan pay a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on 221B Baker Street. Talking about timeless Madame Tussauds wax museum is also nearby.

Redchurch Street, Shoreditch

When Londoners see Shoreditch they read hipster. The so-called cool kids hang out here. The red church street is the happening place these days! It is small and cozy. Vintage, modern, funky or formal just look around and you will find whatever fits your taste. It is best known for the wide options it offers in menswear. The quirky home improvements are a treat to those who are into it. Go through the independent shops find something unique, place yourself on a street café and feel the view with your eyes. The area has some of the best hotels in London. Staying at The Montcalm London Royal London House one of the Montcalm Club Hotels and walking through Shoreditch to the High Street and Redchurch Street is a solid plan for an indulgence trip especially with a loved one.

Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill

This is where the celebrities supposedly hang out. Shop your look here. Have a relaxed day buying Clothes, accessories, and footwear away from the crowds with shops that look like they have a curator employed and enjoy the food and drinks. The view is the best among all if you are a sucker for the view the canals. Treat yourself to the luxury that this street exuberates in every corner. If you have plans at Camden market don’t miss this hidden bit of shopper’s heaven just 10 minutes away. The Regent’s Park is a local attraction.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich is a maritime town in South making it a tourist attraction. Greenwich’s low credibility as a shopping area may be attributed to it being famous as a maritime tourist attraction. Greenwich is crowded with tourist. It has something for everyone. The budget won’t be a concern here either will be your options. Enjoy the maritime tourist attractions it has to offer and don’t miss the opportunity to explore this hidden shopping gem.

Each of the six hidden shopping areas offers a unique experience. Make use of their proximity to the must do tourist locations and don’t miss out on the experience they offer. Shopping in London is like a dream come true for a shopaholic that could lead to an overdose. It is a shopping treasure chest with a myriad of choice. To end it with a Rebecca Bloomwood’s thought from the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, “Cost and worth are very different things.” To travel in London, to explore and to shop is an adventure that is worth it.

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