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Saturday , 20 July 2019
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Best Things That You Could Indulge in While At Piccadilly Circus, London

When you are in London, you must be carrying with you lists of things – to – do and places that are a must – see. If Piccadilly Circus has been left out, it surely is a mistake that needs immediate rectification, as the Piccadilly Circus is worth more than a quick peek.

Following is a guide that will help you enjoy the best destinations in Piccadilly Circus in the most economical way – both in time and money. We will try to guide you on the easiest way to reach the Piccadilly Circus, from the Piccadilly Hotel London, and will also tell you how to make the most of this busy spot in London.

Where is the Piccadilly Circus and How To Get There

Located in London’s West End, in the borough of Westminster, Piccadilly enjoys an absolute central location in London. Thus it is not very far from any of the important places in the city. The underground station that is closest to the locality is of course, the Piccadilly Circus, which gets the dual service of Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines.

Piccadilly Circus is located quite close to other vital tourist attractions like the Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and the Big Ben. From the Piccadilly Circus, you can have very easy access to such important destinations like:

  • The National Gallery
  • Leicester Square
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • Trafalgar Square

Why Is It A Must To Visit The Piccadilly Circus

The connotation of the word ‘circus’ that you are used to, as in a big show with various heroic and hilarious acts by acrobats and jokers, animals acting smart, a huge canvas tent, is not applicable here. ‘Circus’ here means “Circle” (Latin meaning). Hence, Piccadilly Circus is actually an open space, round in shape, and located at an important street junction in London.

Although only a street junction, Piccadilly Circus can boast of a elegance and glamour of its own. The place is full of bright neon signs and video displays at every point. The place is made famous and can be easily located by the presence of the “statue of Eros”. The area is surrounded by such landmark buildings like the Criterion Theatre and the London Pavillion. Being at the heart of the busiest metropolis in the whole world, Piccadilly Circus is a milieu of cars and pedestrians and visitors and traffic jams. It is now cited as an example of an place that is extremely busy and clattered. There is a famous saying that if you want to meet your friends and acquaintances at one go, Piccadilly Circus is the place to be in.

A Brief History

The Piccadilly Circus dates back in existence to as early as the early 1600’s. The road meets the Regent Street and forms an important junction. It was extended to make another junction point with Shaftesbury Avenue, way back in 1886. From then onwards, the importance of the thoroughfare has gone on increasing with time.

The famous writer of all times Charles Dickens has a very well-known novel by the same name, and has given a beautiful description of the place.

Piccadilly Circus: Evolving Into an Icon in today’s London

The area has been made very attractive and worth a visit by the erection of the statue of Eros atop the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, in 1893. It still attracts thousands of tourists and local people every day. Now this statue and the fountain have become so synonymous with the Piccadilly Circus, that you will even find this as a symbol on the famous English daily the Evening Standard. The statue is also famous on its own accord, by being the world’s very first statue to be cast in aluminium. The nomenclature is also interesting as it has been discovered that the statue is actually of the brother of Eros, named Anteros, who happens to be the God of selfless love. He has been selected to represent the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

Piccadilly Circus Underground Services

The Underground station of Piccadilly Circus started operation in 1906, giving easy access of the whole of London to all the hotels near Piccadilly Circus. The unique feature of this station is that there are no buildings standing on street level, every single building being subterranean. Gradually the place started gaining so much popularity, that the Piccadilly Circus station has become one of the most frequented places in the whole world. Soon, electric signboards for advertisements, electric billboards started being visible. This also marked the start of bright lights that are a visitor’s heaven.

Visit Piccadilly Circus for the Globally Acclaimed Lights

For the last century, Piccadilly Circus has remained overshadowed by bill boards and vvery bright glow signs. Now, out of the innumerable, only a few illuminated advertisement displays are left. The sparkling and brilliant lights are switched off only during special occasions like recently it has been done to mark the beginning of the centenary celebration of the World War I. before this, two significant events that had the lights switched off were the deaths of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales and Sir Winston Churchill.

The lights of the Coca Cola billboard is very much visible as you find it right in front of you. You will also find the important information of the timings of the London Underground on this brightly lit advertisement board. It has been erected and paid for by Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, in his memory.

Then there are other ad – boards like:

  • McDonalds – Now an LED Display
  • Samsung  – Installed in 1994
  • LG – Installed in 2007, the board also has a continuous feed of the headlines of Sky News.
  • TDK – It is now an LED screen.
  • Hyundai – It has been put up in 2011, replacing the board of Sanyo, that was there since 1980’s.

If you are interested in taking a tour around the Piccadilly Square, you can start on a tour on foot, which is the best way to enjoy every detail of the place. You start your walking trip at Leicester Square and end it at the Berkeley Square or the Mayfair.

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