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Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Unusual Ways Of Seeing London At Night

London is alive and ticking all the time, day and night and hence, you can explore and enjoy it in the night as much as you can do during the day. There are unending ways of spending a night and doing interesting and unusual things at night in London. Apart from cinema or a cocktail bar, the night-time activities that you can indulge in, range from adult ball pits to traditional ceremonies, from taking a ride on the London Eye to an evening stroll along the South Bank. Besides these things, the city presents a plethora of slightly out-of-the-ordinary night-time events that will provide plenty of entertainment. There are many options such as diving into a giant ball pit at Glowy McGlow, scaring yourself at London Dungeon or taking part in a Disco Yoga class.

London night

London is indeed a mysterious place and provides a lot, irrespective of whether you are jetlagged, insomniac or wired. At night, you can expect people to behave differently and you can find the streets to be sodium yellow and darkness in the parks. However, even familiar areas might become dangerous. As such, it is important to exercise extreme caution and take all precautions while trying to explore the city at night. Some of the various unusual things that you can do at night in London are:

Stargazing, Hampstead:

Lying under the open sky at night and looking at the stars as if trying to count them, is something that everyone dreams of doing and the best place in London to do so is Hampstead Heath as you will be located at the highest point in central London which is one of the best places for stargazing. You can find a great viewing spot if you move east from Heath House above the Vale of Health. If you wish to take a closer look, you can go back along Lower Terrace to the Hampstead Observatory and use the telescopes of the Hampstead Scientific Society that are available free for viewing from 8-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, mid September to mid April. The UCL Observatory in Mill Hill also offers free access.

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Prince Charles, Leicester Square:

All night film marathons are held at the Prince Charles Cinema at Leicester Square. Seeing your favourite film at the cinema at night will be a great experience but pyjamas are mandatory.

Bats, Hyde Park:

You can visit Hyde Park at night and have a look at pipistrelles which are Europe’s smallest bats, and noctules, Britain’s largest that are best seen flitting over the Serpentine Lake. You can wonder about the possible aftermath of the film, London After Midnight which is a 1927 vampire film that was used by Robert Williams as his defence after he had murdered a girl in Hyde Park. He had taken the plea that he was driven into temporary insanity by the film. It is good to note that the last known copy of the film was buried in 1967. From Hyde Park you can walk to 138 Piccadilly which is Dracula’s central London residence.

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Ghosts, Hammersmith to Notting Hill:

If you wish to see the spooky side of London you can take a ghost tour which will indeed be a great unusual night-time activity. The Black Lion Pub in Hammersmith is famous for spirits particularly that of Thomas Millwood who was shot by an excise officer mistaking him for the “Hammersmith Ghost” an earlier ghost who has haunted the area. Interestingly, during the trial John Graham, a shoemaker, confessed that he was protesting against ghost stories by posing as the Hammersmith Ghost, dressed up in costumes. You can then walk to Margravine Cemetery, the site of one of Graham’s attacks. You can end your ghost run by going to Holland Park where you may spot the Earl of Holland still carrying his severed head. At the Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill, a special cashier still haunts the stalls and at the Cambridge Gardens you might see a phantom bus.

Pagoda, Battersea Park:

If you go to Battersea Park at sunrise, you can see a Buddhist monk taking a short walk from his temple and home in Battersea Park to the riverside Peace Pagoda and all the while he can be seen beating a drum and chanting the Daimoku. You can join the monk for prayers at dawn.

Breakfast, Wholesale Markets Nightbus Tour:

London’s wholesale markets are great for nocturnal visits and for picking up food ingredients such as New Spitalfields Market where you can find the juiciest mushrooms and tomatoes at 1:30am. The Smithfield Farringdon opens at 3am for you to look for the perfect sausages and bacon in the meat stalls and for having a snack at Tinseltown Diner. At New Covent Garden, you can buy freshly laid eggs among the flowers.

Polo Bar, Liverpool Street: Polo Bar, located next to Liverpool Street Station, is open 24 hours a day and it serves breakfast all the time, especially fry-ups that it has been making for nearly five decades.

Nocturnal Brixton: In Brixton, you can enjoy through a series of nights beginning Friday evening as there are so many food joints, pubs and clubs such as Hootananny, Speedy Noodle, Club 525 and Windmill Pub.

Tower of London: This historic castle holds the Ceremony of the Keys every day at 21:53pm. You can visit the Tower and see the ceremony free of charge but you have to apply by letter two months in advance.

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