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Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Discover Italian People and Their Culture in London

The first Italians who came to London were the Romans who ruled over England after Emperor Claudius invaded and conquered the British Isles in AD 43. Ever since then there has been considerable influence over Britain because of the Italians and their culture. The Romans stayed here for five centuries and nearly 50,000 Roman soldiers settled down in Roman Britain.

However, more recently since the first half of the 19th century, Italians started settling down in London in areas such as Soho and Clerkenwell, contributing in large measure in various aspects from street entertainment to sculpture and even ice cream for the common man. Looking at the fact that there are more than 220,000 registered Italians living in London with many more without being registered, it is obvious that Italians love to stay in this city. There is no doubt that London attracts millions of people from around the globe for sightseeing and even for working and staying here. The reasons for this preference to stay here has been attributed by many resident Italians to the fact that Londoners are friendly people and also because there are many exciting job opportunities here. In the past, they had moved to stay here because of political reasons but they now come here for more qualified job opportunities.

The main area where the Italians have settled is Clerkenwell and Farrington in an area that has been named “Little Italy”, focussing around places such as the Church of St Peter which was built in 1864 and which is now home to the oldest Italian restaurants, cafes and wine shops. However, during the Second World War, relations between England and Italy worsened because they became enemies in the conflict. As a result, many Italians were confined to the Isle of Man and others settled in Islington, St Pancras, Westminster, Kensington, Lambeth and Chelsea. More recently Italians have reached as far as Enfield and Bromley.

Italians who have settled down here have excelled in several spheres of life such as architecture, arts and music. They have amalgamated themselves with British life and are enjoying themselves. While moving around in the crowded streets of London, you can come across many Italian commuters, tourists and foreign students.

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The Italians who have settled down in London, particularly in the areas of Soho and Clerkenwell have contributed immensely to the development of these areas and have excelled in their own areas of expertise such as street entertainment, sculpture or ice cream making. Each one of them has his own reasons for deciding to stay here that are basically associated with their own professions. A chef said that in London he has the liberty to try and sample different cuisines and new ideas and concerts are freely available. An executive opined that since there are many opportunities to display your skills you can earn good money and a fashion designer said that there is energy, rhythm, multiculturalism and creativity aplenty in London and that the city is vibrant, eclectic and always on the cutting edge. An artist said that artistic talent always elicits appreciation and good response from the audience when a show is put up here. A food lover said that he can have a different cuisine every day and that he can taste a different wine whenever he likes. An Italian said that in London you can get the freedom to be yourself along with the respect that you deserve and the prospect of being able to re-invent yourself.  Most Italians feel that it is the best town to grow up in a professional and personal way. They say that what they love most about London is its rhythm, its multiculturalism and its creativity.

London is home to many Best Restaurants Near Hyde Park that serve the best of Italian cuisine and as such Italian tourists and settlers in London get the feel of home when they have food at these restaurants.

There are plenty of places in London where you will get the feel of Italy and where Italian visitors feel at home such as at St Peter’s Italian Church, The Italian Bookshop, the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art and Genesis Cinema, particularly when special Italian events are held. The area of Rotherhithe offers a sense of community and a feeling of being at home for Italians, besides offering a real community spirit as everyone knows each other much in the same lifestyle that you can meet in a small Italian town. Soho is another area where a lot of Italian community lives.

Most Italian tourists who come to London like to stay in areas where resident Italians live and they are located everywhere in London although many years ago, they were concentrated in central London. The other areas where you can find many Italians include Camden, Hackney, Soho, Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. The most preferred hotel where Italians like to stay is M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City Hotel which is located in the heart of Shoreditch up the road from London’s Silicon Roundabout and offers luxurious accommodation with an indoor pool, spa, sauna and fitness centre.

Italian tourists can find a lot of entertainment options as well as other attractions when they visit the city. There are plenty of Italian shows also such as the fresh, fun and out-of-the-ordinary version of traditional Italian operas presented by Pop-up Opera. Moreover, they can watch Italian films at the Cinema Italia UK film club where great films are screened and actors and people involved in the film are invited for Q&A sessions. They can also see the performances of Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo that take place from time to time. Many Italian cultural events are organised by the Italian Cultural Institute including art exhibitions, concerts and film screenings. Italian books, talks and books presentations are offered by the Italian Bookshop.

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