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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Check out the Globe Theatre and get to know the real facts

All set for your much awaited trip to London? Well, London is a city with a rich British heritage where you will find some of the most famous Buckingham Palace along with Houses of British Parliament and not to forget the legendary clock tower ‘Big Ben’ along with Westminster Abbey. You all have heard about these places and might be even seen them in TV serials and movies, but trust me guys, seeing all these renowned places for real, right in front your eyes is a whole different feeling altogether.

London has been the dream holiday city for uncountable people. Some of them want to visit there alone and some with their friends and families, but the main aim is to visit this spectacular city for its heritage as well as contemporary attractions. While talking about the heritage here is a tip. When you are visiting London, do not forget to visit the famous Globe Theatre and know about the lesser-known and quite interesting facts about that place. But before heading out for sightseeing you must get over with the accommodation arrangement according to your budget. Let’s talk about what all options you can get when it comes to accommodation facilities in London.

Accommodation types according to your budget

If you do some research you will see that staying in London will not be a problem if you know your choices correctly. Budget plays an important factor in choosing a staying place.

· Camping facilities
The best option for single guys and girls or people travelling with your friends is camping up or hiring a caravan to stay. There are camp sites and grounds in this city which offers you camping experience with your friends. If you search online you will find a whole list of organizations and agency which offers camping caravan staying facilities. This option will be quite easy on your pocket.

· Small and reasonable hotels – “Bed and Breakfast”
If you are travelling with your family and your budget is a bit limited then there are a wide variety of small hotels which offers you bed and breakfast facilities. It is a simple and affordable staying arrangement where you can stay cosily with your family without spending too much money.

· Elegant London city hotel suites
If you are on your dream holiday or honeymoon trip and don’t mind spending a bit more on accommodation then London city suites are the best choice for you. These suites are high class and offer you every kind of service available to make your stay special and memorable.

If you want to know more about it then you can easily look up on the internet about hotel suite London and you will see all the available choices of suites you can book along with the type of room you want and the facilities you can avail. It is a wise decision to book a suite in London near to the main city so that you can you can save time travelling to various tourist attractions nearby. Booking the suites from beforehand can also provide you surprising discounts and offer if you are lucky enough.

Quick tips on London activities

There are a few quick tips and tricks which will help you a lot in enjoying to the fullest while visiting London. You must know that in this capital city of England you will find various categories of tourist attractions which are mainly divided into cultural as well as theme tours, family friendly tours, one day excursion or a day out in the city, sports, concerts and shows along with biking tours. You must design a plan on which day you want to choose which form of activity so that you can cover it all within the given trip days.

The next thing which you must do when you are in London is to arrange an Oyster Card for yourself and your family. This is a type of a travel card which offers you amazing discounts while traveling, drinks and food. You will save a lot in you have this card with you.

While travelling in London, make sure you visit all the free tourist spots which are there in the city. There are various landmarks and art galleries along with famous museums which do you charge a single penny for visiting them. There are a few sightseeing places where you have to buy tickets to enter such as Warner Bros studio where Harry Potter movie’s shooting was held, along with Sherlock Holmes museum and also the Sea Life Aquarium. Do not miss the Globe Theatre as it has quite a list of interesting facts which will blow your mind.

Fascinating facts related to the Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre located in London is associated with the work and the life of the world renowned William Shakespeare. The whole world is well aware of his famous works in the field of English Literature. This theatre was built in the year 1599, located across River Thames, in the Southwark Bridge Road. Few people know it for a fact that the present Globe Theatre is the third as the first one caught fire in 1613 and the second one was demolished in the year 1644 after being shut down before two year of demolishing the building.

The first ever play which was held in the original theatre was none other than the legendary Julius Caesar in the year of its built. After this, famous plays written by Shakespeare such as Hamlet, Othello, As You Like It and King Lear followed quickly. The third time when the Globe Theatre was built, it was a replica of the original monument. Built in 1997, it was constructed with a seating arrangement of that of an amphitheatre along with an open roof. What most people are unaware of is that though the third theatre was opened in 1997 but the first play held here was in 1993 when it was still under construction. The play held was a German play. Hence, if you are a fan of Shakespeare and literature then this attraction is a must for you to visit.

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