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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Bringing You London Home!

Every single day spent in London will just fulfill your heart with sheer amount of pleasure and joy. London is a paradise for adventurous buffs, shopaholics, foodie’s, nightlife freak as well as individuals on a leisure trip. Anyone can easily spend the day visiting the different architectural wonders that this place offers. Although, London is an excellent shopping location, it is hard enough to get everything along with you. And, here you have a solution to this problem. How if you come to know that you can get some of the souvenirs just by sitting in the coziest corner of the house? So, just be comfortable and enjoy the offerings that Etsy is going to gift you.

What is Etsy?

In short, Etsy is an e-commerce website that has on display some of the vintage and handmade items. While all this may sound to be very ordinary to you and there is no such specialty to boast off, it is not the case. Etsy is much more than just an online shopping portal. Why and how? Because, in those small and showy pieces that you will get to see in the dedicated website, along with it you can find the projections of the most attractive things of a particular place. And, London is one among the collections that you get to see.

There are so many attractive and adorable things that one can buy and add to the collections. Especially, if you are a fan of London, you will not like to give it a miss. The designs are printed or made on so many various forms of shapes that every single individual can own one. Even if you have friends or families, who loves to be in this exciting city of London, time to gift them something from there too.

How Etsy Shows You London?

This e-commerce portal is loaded with full of things right from maps, jewelries, frames, earrings and what not. To get one, all you need to do is visit the website and grab the most fascinating thing that catches your eye sight. While everything can be done right from the comfort of your home, you can just continue the luxury part too in London if you have booked your stay at the Montcalm hotels.  With the best state of the art facilities, loaded with amenities and perfect hospitality and warmth, there you get the best satisfaction and just feel like home.

Never give this hotel a miss if you want to try some of the best foods of London and that too from a range of different cuisines. Montcalm restaurants make your stay even more pleasurable with their array of choices for menu. While the budget may bother you, there also the Montcalm Hotel offers ease you out. So, what’s the worry about? Go through the websites, make a pre-booking, check out all the terms and conditions and just pack your bags! Start anticipating for one of the best vacations of your life, because you are going to experience this with all the top notch facilities and features.

The Top 10 Adorable Things!

Although Etsy is stuffed with so many things that you can choose from, the major highlight obviously is the intricate display of London in various forms. In this list, ten such cute things have been mentioned. Take a look!

  1. London Posters: How about decorating the corner of your house with a handmade picture having a stylish black border? This portrait in the sitting room will just enhance the beauty of the room. What you need to do is just select the size and design as per the specification and choose your own frame. The good news! You will not have to wait much. Once you order and complete the payment procedures, the selected picture will just be emailed to you instantly.
  2. The Necklace: Gift this neckpiece to your lady love and express your love. This skyline necklace will perfectly bring out your emotions. Well, you can even promise to grow in love just like the symbolic interpretation that you have gifted just now. The beautifully crafted piece is available in silver, rose gold and gold. Easy and simple to use, this neckpiece will even be loved by your special someone, if she is a London fan.
  3. Ring: The right thing to complement with the necklace is the cityscape ring. Or even you can get the skyline ring and gift it. While you have multiple choices and that too with a moderate price range, London is definitely not that far, isn’t it?
  4. London Map: This can just be the perfect gift for your kid. While they can take a sneak peak to the different places of London, at the same time, this map can be used for studying purposes too. Well, anytime you can all choose a place from this map and visit London again. This map can just be your initiating factor for a vacation in London!
  5. Camera Strap: Next time you’re in London, click some of the awesome views while keeping your camera safe and tied comfortably. Get some of the amazing customized DSLR camera straps displaying the Big Ben and London skyline from Etsy!
  6. London Sticker: A sticker book with the pictures of the Mayor; your kids are going to absolutely love it for sure.
  7. Make-up bag: So, if you have some of the finest collections of cosmetics from London, keep them safe in this cute kit bag. Well, London will always be in your mind then!
  8. Pillow: Sleep on it and think about London. The pillow with a display of the underground map is just so colorful and bright.
  9. Magnets: A set of magnet in a box showcasing the various aspects of London. This box can just be a perfect souvenir.
  10. Earrings: The special earring with a message ‘Mind the Gap’; a very powerful warning message meant for train passengers.

A mere obsession or just liking, in ether of the case, add them to your collections and revisit London every time!

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