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Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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5 Unique Places to Visit in Cambridge

The city ofCambridgecan trace its roots back to the Roman era with evidence of a settlement being present even before the Romans first built a town.  As such, it is full of interesting and diverse history which just cries out to be discovered with a trip to explore all thatCambridgehas to offer.  The next time you visitCambridgewhy not include a trip to one of these more unique places:-

Oliver Cromwell’s Unmarked Grave

There are many strange stories throughout British history and none more so than the re-trial of Oliver Cromwell.  In 1661, Cromwell’s remains were dug up, put on trial again and then hung from the gallows at Tyburn before being beheaded.  His head became something of a prize possession before eventually being buried in an unmarked grave near to his former university college,SidneySussexCollegealthough the exact location is unknown.

Great St Mary’s Church

This Grade I listed church is one of the finer churches in Cambridge and well worth a visit on its own but it gains an additional level of interest when you discover that the ‘Cambridge Chimes’ which were written for the University Clock in the early 1790s were actually later taken and copied for use in Big Ben.

Famous Alumni

CambridgeUniversitycan boast a number of well known figures amongst its alumni and if there is a particular person you are a fan of, then it is the perfect opportunity to tread in their footsteps and visit their former college.  Names such as Samuel Pepys, Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall, John Cleese and Julian Fellowes can all lay claim to being former students of the university although there are many, many more besides.  Many of the colleges are worth exploring whether you have an interest in the former students or not, and if you book to stay in one of the leading hotels in Cambridge then you can have a good number of the colleges within walking distance.

Parker’s Piece

There are many intriguing things about Parker’s Piece, from ‘Reality Checkpoint’; a large cast-iron lamppost which is situated in the middle of the park to the claim that the first game of football originated here.  Records in Cambridgesuggest that football was being played as early as 1579 in the city but the first rules of the game were not created until the 19th century with the first game being played in 1863 on Parker’s Piece.

The Corpus Clock

This numberless clock can be found inCorpus ChristiCollegeand is often known as the ‘Chronophage’ which means ‘time-eater’ in Greek.  This unique clock’s most striking feature is the grasshopper which sits atop the clock and appears to be literally devouring time.  It is at once intriguing and sinister and well worth seeing in the flesh.

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