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Monday , 20 August 2018
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Things You Cannot Miss in London

London is well known for its incredible tourism opportunities. With a rich, beautiful, influential heritage and history and a large number of tourist spots, destinations, attractions and places of interest. It is definitely an excellent choice for a great vacationing experience, be it in your own or with friends and family. There are a lot of things to do in London; places you will never get tired of seeing. But in order to plan the perfect itinerary and have the most memorable of holidays, you need to be aware of which landmarks, tourist destinations and so on and so forth you absolutely cannot miss. There are some particular iconic places of interest and attraction, without visiting which, your trip to London remains incomplete. You can use this as a checklist and guarantee yourself the best, most perfect holiday ever at the British capital city and cultural hub with your loved ones.

Checking out the Art and Culture Centres of the Beautiful City
London has a large number of art galleries, museums and other centers and hubs of culture, art, heritage and aesthetic beauty. These places are absolutely essential if you want to see how beautiful and charming London of old times has retained its charm and appeal and yet, has come to be modern and developed as well. Beautiful and memorable, anyone will enjoy and see the incomparable beauty housed in these galleries.

When it comes to art galleries, it does not matter if you are a fan of contemporary paintings, or love modern art, or are interested in sculpture, or just like observing paintings, London will always have a gallery that suits your tastes. You cannot miss the Tate Modern Gallery, which houses incredible paintings and pieces of art from modern and contemporary times and will make you marvel at both its temporary as well as permanent exhibits. Also noteworthy are the Barbican Art Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery, the Serpentine Gallery, the Somerset House and so on and so forth, all of which give you a taste of sheer beauty in paintings and art intermingled with the culture and heritage of Britain.

Museums also make an interesting, fun and informative sightseeing trip. Don’t forget to check out the famous British Museum, Science Museum, Museum of Natural History, and London Transport Museum and so on and so forth.

The Royalty and Historical Landmarks
Several iconic landmarks are associated with the renowned aristocracy and royalty of Great Britain, and are special to this place only. For example, Buckingham Palace, a name that has become almost synonymous with London, is one of the most popular buildings all over Britain and you cannot miss it. The breathtakingly beautiful palace that has served as home to British royalty for centuries is a beacon of London culture, heritage, history and royalty. You can even witness phenomena like the Changing of the Guard. Do not forget to visit other iconic buildings like Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben, the London Bridge, and Kensington Palace and so on and so forth.

The Fun and Exciting Parts
London constitutes of number of fun, original, exciting and unusual things to do as well. Some of them are exclusive to London so you are sure to have a fantastic time during your stay in the British capital city. We will start with the Coca Cola London Eye, a magnificent giant wheel that takes you on a three hundred and sixty degree tour of the city of London and its most important and iconic landmarks. One of the most significant features of the skyline of the city, the views you will get will stick in your head for the rest of your life as you rise several metres above the Thames in a thirty – minute ride filled with adrenalin, excitement and more.

The Lee Valley White Water Centre is a fun, exciting and adventure – filled arena that thrill you with its fantastic water – rafting, canoeing and other such activities. Also check out the Harry Potter tours at Warner Brothers Studios, Deptford Creek Low Tide Walk, Grant Museum of Zoology, House of Dreams, and SEALIFE London and so on and so forth

Food and Cuisine
Any vacation remains incomplete without having a taste of the incomparable cuisines and local dishes. When it comes to excellent hotels like Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London, their fantastic restaurants, room service and cuisines leave nothing to the imagination with their artless yet delicious dishes and different menus. They make you feel the true essence of British food. The spacious, comfortable and light – filled aerated restaurant will make you feel at home with the best kind of service. The food is excellent, of the best quality and will make you remember the taste for a long time to come. A great bar is also there to enlighten you taste buds, with alcoholic in addition to non alcoholic drinks, beverages as well as light snacks and appetizers.

You can enjoy full English and continental style breakfast. You will feel at home as you taste the delights of London cuisine. To top it off, the breakfast is complimentary; along with additional benefits like there being 24 hour room service available.

Accommodation Facilities
With some of the best, finest and most extravagant hotels located here, your stay in during your London vacation is bound to be an exciting time as well, what with hotels like the Park Grand’s offering you the best, most exciting features, services and facilities. Do your research on the best hotel deals in London, and you will find a variety of the most amazing hotels having beautiful, well – furnished and well – equipped rooms, all at the most reasonable rates and prices. The hotels will give off the London charm and will make you feel at home. The staff is kind, friendly and warm and will make sure you have an excellent stay, attending to all of your needs and desires. The aim is to make you feel as though you are at a home away from home, and to make you have the best vacationing experience of your life.

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