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Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Things to do near the River Fleet London

Have plans to visit the English capital anytime soon? You are surely going to feel a lot more tempted from within as you could just look forward to enjoying all your time in doing something that does not only give you pleasure but also help you in ensuring that you have done your best in terms of planning out a holiday so amusing that it lets you make the most of it.

A trip to the English capital is something that will not only make you feel wondrous from within but also lets you have a splendid time ahead. If it has been quite some time that you have not gone out on enjoying a happening trip ahead, you are sure to feel a lot more overwhelmed from within. London city is something that drives everybody crazy.

This is also one of the few cities that tops the bucket list of every traveller. If you have ever wished to explore and enjoy the best of your vacation moments in the English capital then you ought to make sure to see all the other parts that make up this city. London is not only about the famous museums, galleries or palaces There is a whole lot of history that lies in every street corners which you must explore during the trip. This will further help you in becoming a more informed traveller. Rather than following the usual touristy trail and visiting the typical places of interest, you can consider spending some of your time in short listing the various lesser known places of interest that will truly make things more amazing for you.

Try to stay at Montcalm City Hotel that will let you enjoy a convenient access to most of the popular city centre attractions. Moreover you can also check out the Hidden River Vale of Health, Hampstead that makes things more captivating for you to enjoy.

While you are here in London, make sure to take out some of time from your holiday itinerary to explore the Fleet. It is the best lost river in the city that slices downright form Hampstead Heath on its way to the Thames River at Blackfriars. It is enclosed entirely in the sewer tunnels of the Victoria. There are several places where you can easily see the Fleet that tends to flow blatantly right above the ground level. As you walk further along its route, you will get to find a crouch over a black street drain cover. Make sure to visit this unusual selection of spots that will definitely let you witness the diminished presence of this mighty river that has lost its previous glory.

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About the Vale of Health in Hampstead

The mighty trail begins right on the western side of Hampstead heath and is located at the top of the ridge. The Vale of Heath has now become quite a pleasant site where you can enjoy the surrounding views.

When the Vale of Health was created after draining down the Hachett’s bottom, it was used to feed the Hampstead Brook. This is the western arm of the River Fleet. Try to follow the path into the woods and you will be able to find the stream. It is indeed quite difficult to believe that there could be a city here right near the River Fleet.

The Hampstead Ponds:

As the Hampstead Stream starts flowing gently across the heath, you will be able to explore the Viaduct pond that is connected to a small tributary. There are three other ponds including the Mixed Bathing Pond, No 1 pond and No 2 Pond where the original reservoirs were formed by means of damming away through a grille right at the southern end of No 2 Pond. The Stream used to feed a fourth reservoir earlier and the lost South End Pond was drained in 1858 for the purpose of constructing the famous Hampstead Heath Station.

Kenwood House:

Kenwood House is known for being the grandest mansion ever built in the history of London. The grounds of the house have although been claimed to be a part of the Hampstead Heath. There is a Concert Pond that features two dimensional bridge that was inserted as a back drop and the setting is designed by the Highgate Brook. It bubbles from the ground in a grove of beautiful trees right at the south western corner of the Kenwood House.

Highgate Ponds:

Alike its Hampstead counterpart, the Highgate Brook is said to have dammed for the purpose of creating a longer string of reservoirs. The stream flows right down a steep slope to the Stock Pond from the Concert Pond. After that, it quickly succeeds the Ladies Bathing Pond, the Model Boating Pond, the Bird Sanctuary Pond and also the Highgate No 1 Pond. Make sure to see the Highgate Ponds before the plans of rebuilding the dams are put into action.

Churchill Road Footbridge:

The River Fleet tends to vanish into the storm sewer tunnels that mainly carry its journey to the river Thames. There is a footbridge that crosses the railway lines which connect the York Rise to Ingestre Road on the Tufnell Park side.

Ray Street:

The River Fleet hides away again as soon as it reaches the area between Camden and Farringdon. The river is however not visible again until it passes under the Rosebery Avenue Bridge for making its way to the Ray Street. The river is concealed by the Horses pub and other solid grates.

Saffron Hill:

This Hill weaves downhill for melting the buried Fleet right at the junction with the famous Greville Road. There is a classic Fleet drain that tends to offer a sighting of this famous river that rushes beneath.

These are some of the lesser known facts about the Vale of Hampstead that you would love to explore while vacationing in the city of London.

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