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Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Good Reasons to Visit London in the Year 2017

Visitors have lots of reasons to visit London not only in 2017 but at all times of the season. Something good is going on every year and every month in the city of London. In the year 2017, you have valid reasons to be in the city with the best of pleasures and love.

  1. This is the time when dollar is stronger against the pound. In Britain and in Europe things are figured out in the process of working. In this case, the pound seems to be weak. The current rate of the pound is $1 = £1.25. Thus, one is sure to enjoy better exchanging rates this time. This seems a blessing for the overseas visitors. A tour in London is rather expensive and thus it is important for you to get more for the dollar.
  2. Finally, the scaffold is coming out of the V&A this year. Now, one can enjoy the unveiling of the grand event and the new entrance at the courtyard space. However, the museum is getting the transformed look and the events are sure to take place at Friday Late and the whole event is filled with DJs, drink, events and talks.
  3. In London it is real pleasure to stay at the Park Grand London Kensington Hotel. However, from the destination one can enjoy the celebration of art and for this you have to visit the temporary exhibitions opening in London. At the place, some of the must visit exhibitions are David Hockney retrospective at Tate and one can even enjoy the show at American modernism in The American Dream: Pop to the Present at the British Museum.
  4. In 2017 you can be in London to celebrate the occasion of Jane Austin and Harry Potter. However, the year is of literary excellence and there is the party for the two major anniversaries. The year marks the death of Jane Austin and one can really enjoy the occasion of the first offering of the Harry Potter book.
  5. London is known for the long and famous marathon. This is one more reason you have to be in this part of the world in the year 2017 and feel the essence of the event. The London marathon is going to happen on 23rd April and the occasion is really famous and fantastic. You have 37000 runners participating in the event and the ceremony is great and gorgeous.
  6. In London one can wait to experience the boat race. On the event both Oxford and Cambridge have been racing with one another on River Thames and this has started from the year 1829. The race is scheduled to happen on 2nd April 2017 and one has the best appreciations in store for the event so special and amazing.
  7. In 2017 you can sit to hear the productions of the world class musicians at the venue of BBC Proms. This is a series of classic concerts and this is sure to happen for continuous eight weeks. The concert would be held at the Royal Albert Hall and it would start on 14th July and continue till 9th September. This way one can give a try to promming and you can stand and do so at the Arena of the Gallery.
  8. 2017 is the time when you can enjoy the ambiance of Wimbledon in London. This is the world famous tennis event and this is sure to start this year from 3rd July ad will continue to the 16th of the same month. However, the public ballot for the year has been closed down but still you can have a try through The Queue, though the process is quite painstaking.
  9. In London 2017 you can easily go behind scenes of the Open House. This is the most significant historical building in the city of London it is time to mark the dates September 16th and 17th. This is the moment when at the Open House one can take a look at the hidden architecture. You can discover innumerable closed locations at the place and these remain open for the public on the special dates.
  10. This year it is good to have a stay at the Hotel in Kensington London. From the destination one can go party on the streets at the Notting Hill carnival. On the occasion the part of Western London can turn to the best venue and the festival is sure to continue till the end of August. On the even you are sure to witness music and dancing and you would love the show if the special Notting Hill carnival. This is the celebration with multi-culture in Britain. To join the occasion you don’t have to pay a fee and it is easy for you to get happy with the aromas on the street and food is served throughout the day.
  11. 2017 is an option for you to stay at the biggest budget hotel in London. Here you have the perfect accommodation for the budget travellers in London. You can even sit at the affordable places to eat some good food from the plate served with care. In the way, the year will change with the opening of the 538 room Ibis Styles hotel and this is based on the Shaftesbury Avenue which lies near to the Piccadilly Circus. This is the five star luxury hotels at your service and you are sure to be served with the best line of facilities at the place.
  12. 2017 is the moment when one should welcome the year with the opulence in fireworks. One is sure to love the moment with the special display of the fireworks and you can watch for the same from the destination of London Eye and also from the venue of Big Ben. Usually the event is free, but you have to book for tickets in time in order to attend the occasion. To get the tickets in time you should sign up for the event immediately.

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