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Advice On How To Generate A Positive Brand Identity For An Independent Hotel Firm

Businesses should focus on what their brand identity has to offer and create an image that is appealing to a range of customers. A strong brand identity can make all the difference to a traveler who may be thinking of booking a room. A hotel website has to reflect the ethos and message a company wants to send out to tourists. This encourages direct bookings that will be made on the website allowing businesses to gain greater profits. This is brilliant for hotel companies when it comes to competing with OTAs or Online Travel Agencies, as they will unfortunately charge a commission every time they provide a customer through their site.

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A large hotel company clearly has it easier when it comes to branding, as they have a bigger budget to play with when creating a particular identity. Independent or smaller hotels have to try harder when it comes to encouraging tourists to recognise and trust their establishment. There are many ways to ensure that the buying public will want to choose a hotel, and firms must be aware of what will work for them. Firstly a robust visual brand identity is needed that has an excellent logo and online advertisements. A hotel has to consider what it wants to put out there online regarding what it represents, as well as what it wants its audience to view.

A residence may appeal to guests searching for luxury or for a formal occasion such as a wedding or business meeting. This has to be advertised on the site letting travelers know which amenities are available to them. If the residence is in the countryside then there must be beautiful pictures added to the website that show customers where they could be taking a hike or leisurely stroll. There are a list of things to take into consideration when creating a brand identity including a website’s colours, fonts and language used to entice customers.

An accommodation’s website should also be easy to navigate and there must be a hotel responsive web design that looks fabulous on a number of screens including a laptop, tablet and smartphone. There are numerous ways to advertise the brand once it has been created, such as through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to ensure the site appears in a high position on key search engines such as Google. Social media is also a wonderful place to advertise a hotel property, and companies must sign up to at least Twitter and Facebook. Monitoring the brand is also vital so firms have to constantly check review sites to improve.

Firms can employ the wonderful London-based company of Digital Hotelier that offers hotels the chance to have a bespoke website with a great hotel booking software. They will help clients with the website design and social media platforms. The experts will also introduce the Booking Direct tool onto the company’s website that offers a quick checkout process and Facebook and Google+ integration. Another brilliant advantage is it is multi-currency and offers a range of languages encouraging tourists from around the globe to book. A hotel website has to be easy to navigate, and the exceptional consultants at Digital Hotelier will help create an impressive site through great advice on top revenue management.

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