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Yogashala and Fitness Club

London is an extraordinary city with a variety of things and that too a mixed bag to choose from it also tried to offer the locals as well as the travellers a taste of Yoga a form of exercise adopted from the east. This is one of the age old forms of exercise that gives you a lot of solace along with making your body and mind in alignment.

At the Yogashala there are multiple instructors who are there to teach you postures and there is a session that is been carried out during the morning hours as it is only during the morning hours you reap benefits out of this form of exercise. In case you are interested in being a part of this physical activity you can enrol for these classes for the beginners they have classes to make you feel comfortable and how to really benefit you in multiple dimensions. My friends who had been an ardent admirer of Yoga and who has been running their own institutes in Indian back in their native they purposely  went to get some lessons here and to their amazement they were thrilled to learn it in the perfect way it should have been taught. They were putting up at the Paddington court executive rooms and from there this place is hardly a distance they used to walk down to the centre for every day. In fact the instructor there has achieved a level in them and the way they teach the postures to the newbies is quite amazing. They tried to check with people around there who had been coming there for a while they have positive reviews about this place and now they feel they should keep coming back here and enrol for the next level of classes.

In order to reach the Yogashala you have to get down at the Royal Oak tube station which is approximately six minutes of walk from the station and what better way to warm up than walking. The other station that is close by is the Paddington tube station and you can get down here while travelling via tube to reach the fitness club. People who love to be on their own and drive down here you have a parking area available at the Queensway Masterpark and it is four minutes’ walk to the centre in case you happen to cross Colonnades NCP then you can park your car there too and it is a short walk from the centre. Apart from Yoga you also stand a chance of learning Pilates which is an amazing way of losing that extra ounce and achieve a new look. There are two of the railway stations that are close by  as close as a thirty minutes’ walk and they are at the Kilburn high road and the  Queen’s park both of them are the over ground  station but at least only at a short distance. People who want to be a part of this activity should plan to look for an accommodation in hotel in Paddington London so that they do not miss the fun during these morning hours and also it will not be more than few minutes’ walk from their place of stay.

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