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Things in and Around in Queens Ice and Bowl

A place you get all kinds of entertainment under one roof is none other than Queens Ice and Bowl which has entertained the people of London since the beginning of the nineteenth century and is still one of the lovable spots for the teenagers as well as adults. This is the only place in London which speaks and boasts of an ice rink within the premises and since the earliest duration, in fact the complete area where the Queens Ice and bowling alley resides is as huge as forty five thousand square foot. The venue comprises of a beautiful bowling alley and the best part is that it has twelve standard lanes in which at a time twelve people can compete built ironically by the Graffiti Kings a name to reckon with when it comes to redesigning my friends who were staying at the Paddington Court Executive Rooms had been invited to the place as they were new here it was the hotel sponsors who gave them free passes to spend some quality time and they thoroughly enjoyed the game of bowling. In fact it is very rare when you would not see people flocking around these areas especially the teenagers.

The other area which has been a super hit in this area is known other than the skating rink that is the only place in the central London where the rink is open throughout the year whichever season is there all you need to do is be here in case you plan to do some skating. This ice rink has a temperature controlled and it guarantees you a better quality of ice and the size of the rink is as big as nine thousand square foot which is actually spacious. In case you seem to be scared of the idea of skating then there is nothing to worry as you will be trained by the instructors at the rink and they have at

least fifteen instructors to train the people who will be around and the best part is that there is a curtained area where you can practice so as to be comfortable and then on showcase your newly acquired skills to your friends and family like a strutting peacock.

The place has two bar stands made up in an old fashioned way giving it a retro look that speaks volumes about the British cultures where you will be served some great craft beers all chilled very often the place and tables are booked for the corporates as well. Last not the least there is the dining area called the Jimmy’s dining area and it serves you some of the lip smacking dishes quite close to the British culinary delights and the best part is the resident chef’s signature dishes are a hit with the crowd there. In order to reach the place you have two underground stations one is the Bayswater which is as quick as one minute walk to the Queens area and other station is the  Queensway tube station which as good as two minutes’ walk both of them are quite close by.

The major attractions in and around that area is the Kensington garden which is close by and also the Notting hill gate is just a short walk away. In case you want to be around the place you should look for hotel in Paddington which  are close by and the Paddington Court Executive Rooms is just three minutes away which is also a short walk so apart from just hanging around the place you can take a look at other major attractions around that area.

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