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Focus on Shoreditch Street Art and its Other Attributes

One of the up-and-coming neighbourhoods in London, similar to Bushwick in New York, Mission in San Francisco, Brinswick in Melbourne and East Atlanta in Atlanta, Shoreditch is located north of the City of London within the London Borough of Hackney. Situated in the historic East End of the city, the districts of Hoxton and Haggerston are part of this inner city district. The Shoreditch High Street railway station is situated outside in the Bethnal Green area of Tower Hamlets. It is easy to reach if you take the Overground to the Shoreditch High Street station or take a tube to Liverpool Street tube station. Bus #8 will also take you there.

During the 19th and the early 20th centuries there were many theatres and music halls in the area giving stiff competition to West End, such as the National Standard Theatre which was one of the largest theatres in London but it was changed into a cinema and later demolished. The Shoreditch Empire, also called The London Music Hall, had hosted Charlie Chaplin in his early days before shifting to America.

Shoreditch has however come a long way from its previous image in the past few decades, having been transformed into a hip place, which is where most young people can be found. The various attributes of the place include the following.

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Street Art: London’s best street art can be found in Shoreditch in East End particularly on Redchurch Street, Leonard Street/Old Street and Rivington Street/Curtain Road areas. You can feel the vibrant street art scenario in the area as you can see works by some of the best artists in this field. If you wish to see street art being created live, you can just roam around the streets of the area and you are bound to find some artist or the other exhibiting his skills. If you want, you can also take free Street Art tours of Shoreditch in order to get more information and be able to see the best street art, guided by tour experts. If you wish to do it on your own, you can just take a walk from Old Street station, go down Hoxton and Shoreditch and reach Brick Lane. During the course of this walk, you will be able to see various expressions of street art covering the buildings. The most important streets where you can see the best street art include Pitfield Street, Rivington Street, Old Street, Heneage Street, Brick Lane, Redchurch Street, Clifton Street and Hackney Road. At these places, you will be able to see street art pieces by Stik, Phlegm, Broken Fingaz and ROA. You can see a piece by Banksy at the beer garden at Cargo in Shoreditch – Guard Dog and His Master’s Voice.

This is one form of art that does not need visiting museums or galleries to see and appreciate because you can see the same on the streets and all that you need to do is to walk through the streets. The best thing to do is to walk up to Shoreditch from Brick Lane and then walk upwards to Red Church Street and you will be rewarded with the enjoyment of seeing some of the best street art and graffiti. However, it is best to take a Shoreditch Street Art Tour so that you can be guided to the places with the best form of this art.

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Street Food: The other important attribute of Shoreditch is the availability of plenty of street food options. At the Food Village located on Shoreditch High Street, you can enjoy a variety of fast food in a semi-enclosed area, ranging from delicious burritos to steak sandwiches. There is plenty of seating area available at the Pump Street Food Market where you can find a fantastic variety of food such as Japanese hot dogs at J-Dog stall.

Shopping: Unlike in other parts of London, Shoreditch offers shopping in quirky boutique shops. The best part is that you can do shopping in a relaxed manner as miscellaneous items representing a certain lifestyle are available at the shops. Shops of new contemporary designers and perfume labs creating your perfume on the spot can be explored on Red Church Street. Both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories are available at Goodhood, a clothing shop on another street.

Independent Cinemas: Shoreditch offers cinemas of a different kind as they have different features than the ones elsewhere in the city, in so far as that they ofter a theatre space and they are smaller. These cinemas provide a platform for emerging artists and they have comfortable seats. At the Richmix you can see these features of independent cinema while the Electric Cinema offers blankets, comfortable couches and good wine so that you can have a most comfortable experience.

Exotic Nightlife: In the past, Shoreditch was famous for its brothels and theatres but presently you can find plenty of nightclubs and bars. Nightclubs like Cargo are expensive places with a high entry fee whereas places like Bedroom Bar are more affordable. You can have a great time until morning at 333Mother.

The other important places in Shoreditch include Boxpark which is a popup mail located in shipping containers; The Book Club which is a restaurant/cafe by day and a bar/nightclub by evening; Pillow Cinema that offers cinema viewing in the rooftop while being seated on comfortable beanbags; and Silicon Roundabout.

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