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Cockpits of entertainment near Hyde park London

London city has a lot many known and unknown cockpits of entertainment they might be in terms of restaurants, eating joints or some very peculiar ways of entertainment few of them are being discussed below.

Cockpit theatre

This is one of the vibrant theatres in the Marylebone areas of London city the organisers have a host of activities for the adults as well as children apart from hosting shows they also organise workshops that generally see a lot many topics being debated and discussed annually they also hold French and English theatre festivals a hit with the people of London.

The screen on Baker Street

This is a must visit place for film lovers the ambience is worth every penny as there are two intimate screens available with seating arrangements to die for and the sound system is superb it makes the experience more real. My friends who were putting up at the Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel tried to watch a movie and this was the place that was in there list and it certainly was an enriching experience to talk about.

Puppet Theatre Barge

If you have an understanding that this is going to be a children’s day out then you are highly mistaken as the place offers some of the most entertaining and absorbing shows, the place is a coveted barge with the look and feel of Venice and once you are on board you will be mesmerised to see the beautiful puppet shows. To reach the place people putting up at the hotel in Sussex Gardens are kind of privileged as it is a short walk from there and usually you do not miss the fun and it is even less tiresome.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Being a cricket fan this is a mecca for those who are in love with this game, take a day  tour to this place you might be surprised to learn more about his place it has a very rich history. During one of the exhibitions held at Shaftesbury Hotels there was a grand display and many interesting stories were brought to the people.

Wigmore Hall

This is the perfect place for the music lovers the Wigmore hall holds piano concerts during the winter and summer seasons and the place has a concert hall which is regarded to have one of the best venues, there are events with solo performances. This will be an evening to look forward for the couples.

Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park

One of the best open air theatre’s in the Regent circle area in case you get a chance to spend some quality time here you would not regret the decision better than the stuffy auditoriums. The place has some of the best refreshment corners where you are served beverages and food items while you are enjoying the show. In order to book the tickets you can do it online as well it has got a big fan following and any time when the classics hit the theatres there is a massive inflow of people.

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