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5 Reasons to Visit Cambridge

Located just over an hour outside of London, Cambridge is an historic and beautiful city with quaint cobbled streets, stunning architecture and many fascinating museums and art galleries which reflect the city’s strong academic ties. Whether you want to discover the colleges of the University, indulge in some retail therapy or simply enjoy some sightseeing, Cambridge is a city worth visiting.

And if you needed any more reasons to visit Cambridge then read on:-

It’s A Small City

This might seem like an odd selling point but the fact that it is small means that it is easy to explore without being overwhelming, and that the atmosphere is comfortable; it feels less like an urban sprawl and more like a countryside village. Whether you just want to wander around the streets or hire a bike and explore like the locals, this smaller size makes that entirely possible, whilst still offering a good number of things to see and do.

It’s Full of Culture

Outside of London, Cambridge is the next city to offer the highest concentration of world-renowned artefacts which can all be found in the museums and art galleries here. The University itself is a leading research institute which you are able to visit but there are also a number of other interesting museums on offer. These include the likes of the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Kettle’s Yard and Whipple Museum of the History of Science. Aside from the museums, Cambridge is also home to the oldest student theatre in the country: the ADC Theatre which has seen many famous names take to the stage such as Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. If that weren’t enough, the Cambridge University Botanic Garden is also a fantastic attraction, extremely close to the hotels near Cambridge Station and home to more than 8,000 species of flower, glasshouses, mature trees and a café.

It’s Picturesque

Cobbled streets, quaint pubs, the River Cam winding its way through the heart of the city and the stunning architecture all combine to make a city which is an incredibly picturesque place to explore. From a good base such as the Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge you can set out into the city and find some truly amazing photo opportunities from King’s College Chapel to the boats punting along the river.

It’s Diverse

As an international leader in academics, it makes sense that Cambridge would attract people from all over the world and the University has seem some of the world’s brightest minds study here since it first opened in the early 13th century. This international diversity is reflected in the different cuisines you can find in the city as well as the friendly locals who reside here.

It’s Interesting

We mentioned the museums and art galleries which can be found here but aside from this, Cambridge is just an interesting city to visit. From the historic churches to the rebellious students, there is always something new to discover.

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