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Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Dancing All Night At The Festivals Of The Southbank Centre!

Don’t know what to do at Southbank? Well, the National Theatre is the perfect place to spend some time if you want to experience, explore and be a  part of London’s theatre. This infamous venue may not be so elegantly designed like the ones at the West End but is a great place for soaking in the culture of the city. There is so much to do and learn about theatre that you can spend hours without seeing any show. The play-text collection, the NT archive, and the brilliant costumes that are displayed for the visitors will keep you hooked for an entire day. So if you do not want to watch any show but wish to be a part of the amazing world of theatre then the National Theatre is the best place for you. Instead of spending money on the costly west end shows you can visit this place and spend some quality time with your family. If you want to save some more money then you should also go for  the affordable places like Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel.

South Bank

The Young And The Old

The stretch of road that connects the Lambeth to the Southwark is another popular part of Southbank and is a must visit for all the travellers who wish to explore this particular area. Just a few hours from the lancaster gate hotel london, this place can be  truly amazing. This connecting point can be considered to be the iconic place where the old and the new London merge together. At the Cut, you will find the infamous Old Vic Theatre where you will see only the classic plays and the high profile performers. At the same time, there is also the Young Vic which is a hip and cool place to hang out with friends and family. The Young Vic is everything that its senior isn’t, stylish, flashy and brash. The balcony bar, great restaurants and various other unique stores make the entire street a culture hub of the entire Southbank region.

Shopping For Your Friends

If you are a book lover you can also shop from the Theatre Bookshop that sells high-quality second-hand books. Well once you are done with this iconic street you can start walking towards the Lower Marsh. This is another cool place to hang out with your friends if you have planned on spending the entire day in the Southbank area. During the Victorian era, this street and the Cut was the main centre for all the commercial activities that took place in Lambeth. Through all these years nothing has changed and you can still see numerous independent merchants in the entire stretch. Due to the presence of so many merchants, there is almost everything from stylish restaurants, to Thai food, cafes, music shops, vintage memorabilia shops, and even the knitting and haberdashery shops.

The Vibrant Southbank

In case you are looking for more options while shopping you can try out the market of the Lower Marsh that has almost 77 stalls. There is almost nothing that you won’t find in these stalls so if you need to shop in the Southbank area this is the place for you. The vibrant Graffiti, book markets and the makeshift skate rings are some of the things that have been attracting tourists for a  long time. All these elements make Southbank one of the best parts of the city of London. Anyone who is bored with the usual palaces and towers will find this vibrant little place highly refreshing and interesting.

Going On A Movie Date

Southbank can also be considered to be the ultimate place for all the movie buffs out there. The presence of BFI makes it perfect for anyone who is interested in films and wants to know more about the industry and its past. The British Film Institute which is basically a  charity run organization  offers so much information on not just the British but the international film industry too. The sole aim of this institute is to promote the best and the least known aspects of both the British as well as the world cinema. Here you will find the largest film archive, of this world along with the London Film Festival and London IMAX. Once you are done with the sightseeing, eating and shopping you can just cosy up with your partner and enjoy a nice movie together in the London IMAX!

Dancing All Night

If you are one of those people who feel  movie dates are not meant for vacations then there is nothing to be worried about as Southbank has plenty of festivals, events and other celebrations to offer you. Numerous such venues come together to create the Southbank Centre which is full of tourists throughout the year. With a wide range of shows and entertainment offered by this place, there is simply nothing that you won’t find in here. The Royal Festival Hall as well as the other venues, offer an impressive collection of shows each and every year. No matter what you like you will probably find it in the Southbank centre. There are numerous live bands as well as other musical performances that will make your evening more fun. Not just the bands, the entire hall is full of dance, food and local as well as world music. What makes things better is the fact that all of this is offered free of cost, so you can just walk up to a stall or enjoy a live performance without spending anything at all.

Reading Beautiful Poems

It is also a great place for all those who love poetry as you will get many chances for showing your passion for poems. Not only there are numerous, poetry reading sessions but there is also the infamous Saison Poetry Library. Just take the glass elevator which will lead you straight to this brilliant library where you can indulge yourself with international poetry and spend some time surrounded by the works of the most renowned poets. It is also considered to be the biggest poetry library of the entire nation. Well now that you are aware of these eccentric spots in the Southbank region make sure to keep a day in your itinerary for the beautiful yet unique place by the river.

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