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Lesser known neighbourhoods of London

London is famous for various reasons. From cultural to architectural marvels, historic palaces to iconic sports and entertainment venues there are hundreds if not thousands of beautiful and interesting things to see in the city. Most people are familiar with its most affluent neighbourhoods of the likes of Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill etc. which are iconic landmarks in their own rights.

For those who plan to visit London on holiday a good place to stay in the heart of the city at an affordable price are the hotels in Paddington London. The area offers convenient access to other parts of the city as well because of excellent transport links.

And there are numerous affordable luxury hotels like The Park Grand London Paddington, which offers value for money with a host of premium facilities as well. For those who need to stay in London for an extended period of time and want to find a not too pricey neighbourhood to stay, the following are some of the lesser known areas of the city…..

Richmond Upon Thames: Located in South West London it is very appealing to those who want to travel to the heart of the city without any hassle. It is all the more attractive because it has that special small town feel as well. Richmond is home to a pretty village green with numerous quaint pubs overlooking it. It really has a very old England ambience to it and during summer you will find cricket teams playing out here. With a fine selection of shops and one of the more peaceful parts of London, it is the ideal spot for young professionals to settle in the area.

South End Green: It is located at the edge of Hampstead Heath. South End Green could be described as a hidden gem and the place is brimming with cafes and restaurants. With lovely little pubs practically around every corner, a secret garden and lots of other interesting places it is a great place to visit or stay at.

Greenwich: One of the more trendy neighbourhoods it is in South East London and renowned as being the home of the Prime Meridian, as it lies across both the eastern and western hemispheres. Picturesquely situated along the banks of the Thames River, Greenwich is well connected to the centre of London mainly due to DLR (Docklands Light Railway). With plenty of trendy bars, restaurants and cafes and also some fine schools, it is good for those young professionals who have a family.

Hackney: From being one of the more undeveloped and poor parts of the city, Hackney has certainly come a long way. Now it is one of the better parts of London to stay in. It is a popular neighbourhood with plenty of young professionals staying here especially, those involved in the media or music industry. With great connectivity, plenty of shopping options, pubs, restaurants and all the necessary amenities it is great place to call home.

Clapham: Another neighbourhood of London that has plenty of large open spaces. However, due to it being out of the trendier parts of the city it is not out of the cheapest certainly. With great places to shop, good transport links, schools and restaurants it is a good place to stay if you are in a well paid job.

Hammersmith: Hammersmith is a borough of West London that is centrally located, while having excellent connectivity to the city centre courtesy of the tube and bus stations. With plenty of places to shop and a busy central high street it is a great place to stay. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and some fine schools in the area as well.

Brixton: Like Hackney in the early days, Brixton was similarly one of the less desirable parts of London to live in some years ago. Since then it underwent a transformation with it now being a great neighbourhood to settle into. And it is a bit cheaper than other neighbourhoods, which makes it a very attractive option to reside in. It now is home to great eateries and wonderful shopping outlets with a vibrant nightlife scene. And it is the home of the O2 Academy so if you are into live gigs and performances there is no better place to live!

Camden:  Camden is certainly out of the hippest parts of the city. If music and culture is what you crave you could not expect to be in a better spot of the city. It also has a wonderful market, where you can pick up a range of alternative items. A vibrant and happening part of London, Camden is a great place for young expats to get a feel of life in London.

Crystal Palace: The area derives its name from a former palace that once existed in this part of South London. Crystal Palace is a good place for young professionals and families who do not want to spend a hefty sum on accommodation rental charges. Of course do not be misled into assuming this to be a down market area in any manner! It certainly is not! It is cheaper because of its distance from Central London, as it is a longer ride on the Underground to arrive here in comparison to other neighbourhoods of London. If you want to stay in a place with the best of amenities, while having large stunning open spaces then Crystal Palace is the ideal location to settle into. And as it is situated on a hill, on a sunny clear day it offers excellent views of London.

Islington: Located in North London, Islington is a neighbourhood that is popular with families as it is more affordable than other pricier neighbourhoods of the city. Its population is diverse comprising of students, families and city workers staying in the location. Another benefit of staying in the area is that it is well connected to central London. There are excellent Tube and bus links to the city centre

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