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Bars and clubs culture near Hyde Park Station

While the travellers flock the place near and around Hyde Park and they have always wanted to be clicked there or keep around the place. There are many other ways to take rest or stay around that area but for most of the travellers the idea of hitting some cool spots to grab a bite and clink some glasses is the best. In case you are planning to hit out with your friends near the Hyde Park plan out accordingly.

The Library Bar

The Library bar is one such bar that is near the Hyde Park area and is a beautiful place to be in. The place gives you a vintage feel done in an old fashioned style and the place understands its guests well they already have a selective and innovative cocktail selection such as the Champagne cocktail for people. The ambience gives you an exquisite feeling, the staff serving their guests have stood out time and again they are a class apart in their hospitality. Few of my friends who were staying at the Shaftesbury London Hyde Park had a similar tale to tell they were grateful to the Bar manager who had been making every effort to make things happen in a smooth manner and has been incredibly friendly and attentive. The nearest station is the Hyde Park corner; you can reach by travelling on the tube.

The Grenadier

The Grenadier is a bit of a challenge to locate but the exact location is Knightsbridge and the nearest station from where the tube is available is the Hyde Park Corner. The pub is very typical, a warm and cosy place for people to meet up over a drink, even the bartenders are good at fixing you some of the best concoctions. The only problem is during rush hours it is preferred to book or reserve the table in order to avoid missing on some real good food that the place serves. Some of the staple diets are steak and ale pie, fish and chips and some wonderful cocktails.

The Blue Bar

In case you are the first timer to London do make it a point to hit the most sophisticated and vibrant places the Blue Bar. They serve you the colourful cocktails in town and is also one of the most sought after destinations for the pub hoppers. The second best thing is that people can reach here without any struggle the place is a 5 minutes’ walk from the Hyde Park Corner and once you enter the place you would fall in love with the ambience. The bar area interiors are excellently done and in case you have planned to gate-crash, you are more than welcome the staff is kind and accommodating to provide you with a reservation. The drinks are made well and tastes great and some of the food preparations are finger licking.

Foyer Bar

Another in line for the pubs is the Foyer Bar it is along the Hyde Park area and the place is close to the Hyde Park station in case people are planning to reach there via the tube you should not face any problem. The bar here is situated with the Berkeley hotel and they have a wide selection of cocktails , spirits and snacks along with some light meals the place is open for visit around the clock.

The Garden Room

The place is in the Lanesborough Place and in the region around Hyde Park in order to reach the place all you need to do is get down at the Hyde Park station and the place is at a walk able distance. Secondly the place has some very talented the team has been through the winning spree as they have been winning a number of awards and accolades for their services. They have a massive cognac collection and the whiskey collection stretches as old as the 17th century times. There are some very good mixologists who can give a creative twist to their drinks and bring in a lot of innovation and freshness to the rather dull alcoholic drinkers. Some of the signature drinks are a must have that have been crafted by their award winning team.

Caledonian Club

The club has gone a notch above one of the best and most beautifully located near the Hyde Park Corner and the Belgravia region, the place is nothing less than posh. My friends who had planned to come down to the place had a very different take about the whole thing they have the lists of one of the best wines , their collection and selection are one of the best and all this being offered to the guests or tourists at the club price. The highlight of the place is the tour which the member’s can be a part of. The tour comprises of the visit through the arrays of malts and that is the journey that starts from the Lowlands to the Speyside on one hand on the other hand the journey spreads from the Highland to the Islands.

The Nags Head

The Nag Head is one of the traditional pub sites in the London city, the vintage look might have gone for the betterment and has been replaced by the stylish interiors yet the place has not lost the charm and the place has the perfect cosy corner intact. The Chef can guarantee you a sumptuous meal and the delicacies prepared by them are outstanding though seasonal in nature. The place has a great collection of wines, ales and lagers something to be proud of and every drinker’s paradise. The ambience is beautiful with the insides having the log fires burning and giving it a cosier feeling, there is a dining room attached to the area and comfortable armchairs to rest while you sip away your drink. In case you have already made up your mind for a celebration and that too at the middle of the week you can take your family members, your loved ones to this heavenly place.

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