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Travel London in Style

Dressing up is a bit too fad but then stylizing the dressing part is what we now look forward to. Generally people look good, but when some extra effort goes on to look good and trendy then you know what we are talking about. Everybody wishes to be the trendsetter or become like Angelina Jolie but that goes without saying it takes a lot of effort to do what it takes to do. But then people moving around find no reason to either look good or feel good all they want to do is try a comfortable looking sweatshirt with a hood that just engulfs you in while you could have accentuated those gifted features but instead you decided to hide in.Therefore, to share you some of the top tips as how you can style in while dressing when you plan to travel.


Wearing a hat you might not feel there are enough reasons to include it in your dressing, but believe me they can make you look the best even while you dress up in a plain Jane outfit. Especially when you are planning out a summer travel don that hat look you save yourself from the direct rays of the sun, so the skin protection is at its maximum and then you keep your cool.The other benefit that you want to reap out is the fact that the tresses are in order in case you know what I mean, the hair becomes unmanageable while travelling and you feel stressed out partly for unkempt hair and partly for the very reason that you are no more looking as awesome as you were looking few hours back when you checked yourself in the mirror. There are different kinds of hats to suit your attire while you are on the go it can be a hat with the plain look or accessorize yourself with a cowboy hat or the Fedora hat withAline dress that makes you look ready for the party. There are a number of good shops offering varieties at a decent, affordable price and even while you are travelling do take a shot at the local shops.

Suit your suitcase

We want to carry our whole wardrobe with us as we plan our travel, we feel we have no reason good enough to leave the dress behind in the closet all we see is everything being packed.This leads to an over heavy luggage and the weight is unbearable and when you plan to be on your own throughout your trip this is definitely not a good idea.Thus, it is preferred if we have a well etched out plan beforehand so that we end up packing the stuff we require the most. This planning begins by drafting a rough itinerary of what all places one would go and how will be the climatic conditions in case we are going for an occasion, then we ought to preparefor  the occasions and the timings so that we could match up with it in a decent and proper way. In case we have been invited for dinners we might bring in the beautiful gowns and carry diner jackets, for day tours of which heat and dust are a part we might want to pack accordingly. Footwear’sare the most important part of the whole travel plan, if you carry your high heels to a rocky terrain you know for sure you are in for some real trouble. To double sure of what you will be in for, you know you might want to go forward with the dress rehearsal, click a selfie and just go a little opinionated and then might also accessorize the look or the hair do, it is time consuming without fail but then what matters is you look the best in them at the end of the day.

Watch for your feet

Those two feet want to dress up too as you want to be well dressed. We know what is comfortable is what we always plan to wear and it could be those bulky looking sneakers that you usually don while heading for the Gym schedule, but aren’t you tired of those and bored and maybe your feet are asking for a nice new pair, so do not let the comfort triumph over the trendy look. The very gory mistake that a tourist makes and probably end up being either stalked or ridiculed or pick pocketed is the fact that standing out in the crowd with the lousiest sneakers. But then trendy does not always mean we compromise on our comfort it rather states that we can take pains to choose the best possible footwear thoseexuberate styles and comfort at the same time.

Master the art of travelling slowly

The most common mistakes that people commit while they are travelling is they refer to the checklist of the must see sights on their tour to the favourite destination and irrespective of the tiresome and cumbersome day are always running around to achieve the target. One of my friend who got a best accommodation in Park Grand London Kensington had a chance of visiting the city of London, but due to his inherent nature all the person could do was follow his list and in the end he was consumed withexhaustion. Instead, what the way of travelling should be in the moment and enjoy the moment fully and keep some time off to freshen up, loiter around.


There are a few must haves while you planning a trip or travelling. The glamour quotient need not be compromised at any point in time, so better be ready with your small little kit that should have a face wash cum moisturiser to wash the grime and dirt, carry a bold colour lipstick to carry it while on the go, you might want to add on a matt face powder and the eyeliner to give it a 9 to 5 look that does not get smudged but makes you look younger, fitter and beautiful. All these will let you look stylish and that too in a minimalist way.



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