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Vacations in London, all you need to know about

Spending a vacation in London can be a great fun but you need to keep some things in mind so that the things move smoothly. Just study it well in advance and surely the vacation will be a great one.

Is London calling?  There are some facts that you must know before you come here for vacation. Here we have mentioned a few points about London vacation. You can just go through them before your trip so that you can make your London tour more meaningful.

About the currency
In some of the places they accept euros, but they give you change in pounds. If you use an ATM machine then you will get the money in pounds and bank will charge you about three percent as a foreign transaction fee. If you are using a debit or credit card, you need to first check with the bank and ask if they will charge some extra fees.

Getting around
You would surely like to travel through the black cabs. You can take an oyster cars and travel through buses and the trains without standing in long queues. This card will help you to save your time and money as well. There are red buses that you will surely love to travel through. Some of the buses also run in the night.

Walk around
If you like to walk and want to save some money then just keep walking and that is good for your health as well. You can go to the close attractions walking. Taking a walking tour can be amazing experience. You can also get free walking tours in the city. You need to make advance booking for these walking tours.

All about the airports
The London is connected through three airports, Gatwick, Heathrow, and Stanstead. You need to know from where your flight is taking off. To get into the Heathrow airport you can use the Heathrow exposit may cost you a little bit but it is the easy way to go to the airport. If you are two people and you have luggage then this is cheaper than a cab. There are also Gatwick express and Stanstead express.

Staying options
The city has different accommodation options to offer. There are many good budget hotels like The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington where you can have a great stay. As the hotel is located in the heart of the city. Moving around can really be an easy task. The hotel is very close to the airport and moving there can also be an easy thing.

Not all people in London speak English. Though people there speak English, you may not understand some words because of their accent.If you know the local languages then that can be added advantages. Some of the hotels here have multilingual staff and they can really be a great things for you.

All about the driving
In UK, unlike other countries, they drive on the left side. If you hire a local car here then make sure you also drive on the left. It may be little difficult but soon you will get used to it.In the public transport, they also walk or stand on the left and you also need to follow their style.

All about the table manners
You need to understand and keep in mind everything about the table manners. If you put the fork and knife together in the middle portion then it means you are done. If you put the set on the top of plate in cross way than the waiter may pick up the dish assuming you are done.

Party and drinking
Drinking is very common here and you will see many bars and pubs here. Most of them are crowded all the time. The city has a great nightlife and there are many nightclubs those run day and night. The city is awake in the night and there are also many street shows that go on in the night too.

Saving while you stay
If you want to save your money while you stay here then you need to find for you budget Accommodations London.  There are many budget accommodations available in the city where you can relay have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Travel insurance
English is supposed to be a safe place but you need to take the normal precautions.You need to take care of your bags while you are in a crowded place. As the natural calamities do not come with a notice, you can always take a travel insurance and be safe. If you take a travel insurance along with the flight then it may not cover the whole trip.

Using cellphones
You can buy a local phone here and get a local card here. This will save your roaming charges. You can take guidance from the tour guide or the help desk of the hotel that you are staying in. There are many shops where you can get the branded cellphones at the most reasonable rates.

All about the food here
The food here may not fulfill all your needs and you have to be very careful while you chose a restaurant. You can go to a cheap restaurant where good food is served. In many of the bigger cities there you will see a great variety of mouthwatering food selection. If you do not eat non veg then do not worry they have many food options for the vegetarians too. Different types of salads, juices etc. are readily available. You can also try great Indian food at various places. The water bottles can be obtained from anywhere but if you do not want to pay then you can also take the tap water that you get for free.

So this was all about spending a good vacation in England. Juts book your accommodation in advance and start your journey. This is the best place to enjoy your vacation.

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