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Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid in the UK

The United Kingdom is an amazing destination to plan a trip to and it can be said that no place in the entire area signifies this in a better manner than London does. While a trip to London is very enjoyable it can be said that most travellers to the city plan a trip that is perfect but for a few mistakes; which are rather unfortunately quite common.

One of the mistakes which is made is not to go out on any day trips. While London is an amazing city and it really can captivate the interest of a tourist who is paying it a visit, in a very comprehensive manner, some effort should be made so as to make some trips to the places which are not located far away. Oxford is just one wonderful example of a place which answers to this description; as is Brighton.


Another mistake which is made by many a person who pays a visit to the United Kingdom is to take the motorway if they are driving between cities or towns. While it must be said that making use of the motorway is a great way to get from one place to another in an expedited manner; though still not as swiftly as one would by train, using the motorway hinders the traveller from seeing much apart from just the countryside; which is a rather big downside.

When a person is making a trip to London, it can be said that making the good choice to stay at a London Heathrow airport hotel among the many options a person who is visiting the city has, is a good decision to make. This is because when a person arrives in the city; having a hotel which is not located at aa great distance away from the airport allows him or her to rest and recover from his or her flight so as to be able to be up and running and perfectly ready and fresh to go out and discover the city he or she is in sooner rather than later. In the run up to a person’s visit to the city, he or she should keep in mind the fact that it is quite important to keep his or her eyes peeled for London Heathrow hotels deals as these deals can save him or her quite a bit of money from his or her budget; which can then be used somewhere else to enjoy a more luxurious part of the trip to the capital city.

Yet another mistake which is made with a rather unfortunately common frequency is to try to pack in just too much into the itinerary of the visitor when he or she plans to visit the United Kingdom. While it can be fully understood that there is a lot to be seen and done by the tourist; he or she must take cognizance of the fact that it is humanly impossible to do enough to say that he or she has seen all the city or area he or she is visiting has to offer. Making a serious attempt to do so would only serve the unwanted purpose of leaving him or her tired and in no position at all to enjoy the attractions and places he or she visits.

It is essential, as a result and remedy of this problem, to prioritise the various places that a person wishes to go to so that if there happens to be a paucity of time, as there is quite likely to be, the tourist knows which place he or she would like to go to, over another.

While a person is going around the country, it is without a doubt that he or she will come across a fairly large number of places which he or she will eat at. While leaving a tip is a custom in many a country and it is to be noted that in the United Kingdom, there is a general trend of a gratuity being added to the bill. Unless the visitor has been the recipient of some incredible service which is worth writing home about, he or she should not feel compelled to shell out more to pay the waiter or the waitress a tip.

It can be said that while mistakes are committed by everybody, if a person who has set his or her sights on the United Kingdom as the destination for his or her holiday plans does not allow himself or herself to make any of these mistakes or manages to keep them to a minimum; he or she greatly increases the probability of having the trip of a lifetime and making memories which he or she will surely cherish.

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