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7 Do’s and Don’ts to follow in London

Planning to visit the British capital? There are several fun filled activities to take part in the capital city of England. If it has been a long period of time that you have not gone out on a holiday break to some place exquisite then it is high time that you start checking out various scenic attractions that you can surely aim to check out during the vacation break. Every city has its own unique atmospheric eccentricity and London is definitely not any exception.

A trip to London must be taken seriously. You just cannot think of mistaking it with any other city. The city of London is extremely huge and it gets extremely difficult to check out the places of interests without planning things in advance. There are travel operators available who can help you out in checking out every single tourist attraction in the most thoughtful manner. Apart from checking out all the majorly visited places of attractions, you should also consider spending some out in following the strict guidelines set by the society. This will further help you to enjoy a happening time ahead and that too in the most stunning manner.

London is a truly mesmerizing city in the whole wide world which allows every vacationer in enjoying every bit of the trip as desirably as imagined. The English capital takes pride in encompassing a large plethora of brilliant travel attractions which let every visitor to ponder some of their attention on the breathtaking beauty which surrounds the city from all around.

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However, it takes a lot of planning to make a move towards visiting London city. You must know where to stay at, which places to visit and also how to maintain a proper decorum with people around.

You should also take a look at the list of do’s and don’ts that will let you spruce up a happening vacation in London ahead.

1.(a) What you should do: Get your tickets ready when you approach the barriers for entering or exiting the London Underground. The city of London is extremely busy and there is hardly any doubt about this fact. The financial capital remains overcrowded during the rush hours and most of the population travel by tubes. In order to make sure that you are managing well in this fast moving city, you must always keep the ticket in hand at the time of entering or exiting the barriers in the stations. This will avoid the back logs at the barrier zones. If you cannot find out the ticket then there are chances of getting smashed by people from behind.

(b) What you shouldn’t do: You must not wait till the time you reach the barriers so that you can conveniently pull out the ticket from your bag while travelling through stations. This will evoke crowd anger which is not good for your vacation.

2. (a) Things you should do: If you are a tourist then you must always consider avoiding the rush hours when most of the commuters go off to work. Choose the time in between the rush hours and you can easily avail the trains comfortably.

(b) Things you shouldn’t do: Try to avoid travelling during the rush hours. If you are interested in visiting the museums and art galleries as soon as they open then you must consider staying in a city centre boutique hotel London which will put you close to various sightseeing attractions. Thereby, you can easily travel on foot. Moreover, you can always rent a bike and look ahead to enjoy a fascinating vacation ahead.

3.(a) What you must do: Try to keep your valuables in a safe place. Try to zip out the compartments in your jacket where you place your valuables in.

(b) Things not to do: You cannot keep your valuables like camera, cash and any other pricey articles in the pockets of your trousers. Pick pocketing is common in any big city.

4.Do’s: This is a nation of queue lovers and you must not ever try to jump the queues. Lining up is considered to be extremely polite and people queue for several occasions, like when they get on and off a bus, at the ticket counters, at the entrance of the travel attractions, shops, eateries and other places.

(b) Don’ts: Do not try to jump the queue ever. This is considered to be highly rude and impolite behavior.

5.(a) Do’s: Say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’ when required: This is a common courtesy which is followed by the Londoners. Whiel interacting with locals, you must say a ‘Thank You’ which holds significance in their day to day life.

(b) Don’ts: Not saying ‘Thank You’ or ‘Sorry’ is not a good courtesy.

6.(a) Do’s: Check out the city streets for sure. Hit the Leicester Street which is located in the centre of the city. It plays host to a number of events and premiers of films. This place remains bustling with a large number of people. If you are hoping to see a West End theatrical; show then Leicester Square is the place where you can get tickets at a discounted price rate.

(b) Don’ts: Do not try to visit the city outskirts as there are a whole lot of things to see tight in the central London. If you have time, you can look ahead to visit other parts as well.

7.(a) Do’s: Keep your voice low while conversing in public. Otherwise you will see a large number of people staring at you for no reason. It is London and not your native place where you can yell at the top of your voice without enticing anyone’s attention.

(b) Don’ts: Try to avoid speaking loudly in public places. You must also keep your voice low while availing the public transport.

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