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10 Attractions Must Visit in London

London is vibrant with energy, commerce, history and food. There’s a lot you could do in the capital.And although it is essential that you experience as much as you can if you plan to visit London, is would be wise to be a little choosy. So you could stay at one of the boutique Hotels in London or hotels near Piccadilly theatre. Especially if you know a list of places that you must visit! Ensuring that a lot of field research has been conducted before this list was finalized, here’s your checklist packed with some wonderful experiences.

The Borough Market- This market offers the freshest fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheese and breads or for that matter ingredients for anything and everything in the cookbook. The only catch is that the price of the ingredients is as high as their quality. Also make sure that you avoid visiting the market on a Saturday especially during lunchtime as the market could seem pretty busy and crowded during rush hours. Visiting the market on a Friday would be a good idea.

The Dinosaur Gallery- Irrespective of whether you liked or disliked Jurassic park, it’s still fascinating to see various exhibits of life-size dinosaurs especially if they are frozen in time and can’t eat you up anymore. The Dinosaur Gallery is one of a kind. But make sure you reach there early since there is a long que for the tickets. Another exhibit to watch out for in the mammals section is the huge model of a blue whale in the mammals room. The Science museum and V&A are really close so you could visit them after exploring the gallery.

A treasure trove of politics and history- Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square and the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminister or commonly known as the clock tower in London are two monuments that deserve a visit.

Notting Hill is a very popular Romom and in case you want to visit the sets of the movie then a visit to Notting Hill needs to be on your list. It has an array of boutique shops and civilized restaurants. If you are an antique collector or love to collect pretty little trinkets then take a stroll around the Portobello market which comes alive every Saturday.

Flavour fiesta- If you have a thing for mouth-watering food which could tease your taste buds then the Food Hall will fulfill all your desires. It is also an adobe for some sparkling jewellery collections and pedigree puppies in case you feel like taking a furry little friend home. If you are looking for an affordable meal then the Food Hall is not one of them.

The British Museum- The museum traces back artifacts and objects that existed 200 years ago and encapsulates the history of the world. The most fascinating exhibit is Room62-3 which illustrates the ancient Egyptian view of death and afterlife. It is one of the most fascinating museums in the world. The museum is open from 10 to 17.30 everyday. Make sure that you don’t allot just one day of visit since the museum is quite extensive and requires time for you to explore it.

Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall- London has an appreciation for great art and hence it doesn’t matter what form of art you appreciate. London has an art gallery to suit your taste. What would make your trip worthwhile is the exhibition at the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall from October to March. The Tate Modern is located at the end of the Milennium Bridge. Book lovers can also pick up books and souvenirs.

The Toy story- Hamleys is a world filled with toys and offers some very entertaining programmes for children. It is designed in a way that even if you are an adult you’d be able to walk down the memory lane of your childhood. The ground floor is usually flooded with people and can get hectic so make sure that stay on a floor which is less crowded and work your way to the basement.

Could one park have it all? The Regents Park offers a variety of services to every visitor from a boating lake to a Zoo. The London Zoo isn’t very far and has a variety of animals like meerkats, giraffes and kangaroos that you’ll spot easily if you walk along the Regent’s Canal.

Heading out for a drink after a lavish dinner? The English pass their time drinking then why shouldn’t you? Once you find the right pub you’d want to stay put. Make sure you don’t disapprove of a place just by the look of it. Some of the best pubs may not seem very appealing at first sight.


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