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Visit these Museums on your Next Trip to London


When are you planning your next foreign trip? Have you decided your destination? Well, when you are thinking about visiting Europe, it will be a great start for your trip if you start from London.

London is the amalgamation of culture, history and modernism. No other city can enthrall you with the charm the way London does. At every turn of alley, you will find different glimpses of different story and history. No wonder, when it comes to the top travel destination in the world, often London is the first name that crosses a traveler’s mind.

National Gallery
When you are thinking of London, I am sure the landmarks like Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace come to your mind. However, London is much more than that. It gives you the vision of royalty as well as lets you shop at the hot shops and galleries. From classy theatre to cutting edge cuisine, London brings a whole plethora of excitement.

Vibrant and multicultural London is truly the megapolis of people, ideas and frenetic energy. One of the leading global cities in the world, London boasts on six international airports. The busiest airport of the world, Heathrow brings thousands of people here every day.

If you are packing your bags and thinking about what you can do in London, here are some suggestions of travel destinations in London.

National Gallery

London is a place where art lovers always find their food for thoughts. The crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, National Gallery is the place where you can find the art and pieces of Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Turner, Renoir and Van Gough and many more. This place boasts on the huge and precious collection of art since middle ages to 20th century. The audio guide in multiple languages is really helpful when you visit National Gallery. Quench the thirst of the art lover in you with a tour to here.

Natural History Museum
Nature is the biggest historian in the whole world. The fascinating history of its evolution is enough to make you awestruck. That is why Natural History Museum is one of the most popular and fascinating place in London. The permanent dinosaur exhibition, the life size whale, the 40 million years old spider, the amazing central hall, everything has been attracting millions of tourists since ages.

Tower of London
Let the history of London speak for itself. Visit Tower of London and breathe in the royal charm that is in every core of the city. Explore the history and legacy of 900 years. Tip toe in the royal chamber, the prison and execution place, jewel house and zoo. Discover the magnificence that has not really washed off from the core of London.

Coca Cola London Eye

  • Your London trip is incomplete if you don’t climb up in some capsule and visit the whole London in just 30 minutes. Yes, Coca Cola London Eye is the major feature of London Skyline. There are thirty two capsules that will take you abroad and you will see the unforgettable vista of London and fifty five of London’s major buildings.
  • If you are done with all these famous landmarks of London, it is time to visit some of the off bit places in the city.

Fitzroy House

  • Fitzroy house used to belong to L. Ron Habbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology. Now you can visit and see the restore house and the exhibition of his works. It is now listed as one of the famous museum and houses of London.
  • L. Ron Habbard is quite an eminent name in the history of London. He holds Guinness Book of World Records, the position of most published author. 1,084 titles are published in his name that includes his lectures as well. His work has been translated in 71 languages and he is the most translated author after William Shakespeare.
  • Fitzroy House was built in 1791 following Georgian architecture. Fitzrovia is famous for the writers and artists. George Bernard Shaw stayed there with his mother in 1881 – 1882.
  • In 1950s L. Ron Habbard used Fitzroy House as his office and composed many of his well known work from here. The place is restored imitating the fashion of 1950s and had been turned into a museum of L. Ron Habbard and his works.
  • When you are staying at Park Grand Paddington Court, visiting this place will be a good and convenient idea for you.

Pollock Toy Museum

  • Have you ever seen how the Victorian toys, dolls and doll’s houses used to look like? When you are in London, you have a chance to see that too. Visit Pollock Toy Museum. It is actually a museum and toyshop that is situated in central London. It is not that much frequented by people. However, you won’t regret going there as it is a beautiful place.
  • Though it is a toyshop yet is a perfect place for older children and adults as it boasts on a huge collection of toys in glass cases from different era.
  • The collection is fascinating and includes Egyptian toys that date back to 2000 B. C.
  • As the museum does not get any funding from Government there is an admission fee.

Benjamin Franklin House London

  • Benjamin Franklin house is only surviving house of his in London that was his home between 1757 to 1775.
  • The house opened as a museum in the year 2006, 17th January, the 300 birthday of Benjamin Franklin. The unique tour is very different from any other n=museum in London. The house has been restored and mostly empty. The tour starts from the basement where an actress plays the part of the daughter of the land lady. She follows a script and cleverly interacting with the audio projection that you can find in every room of the house. It may feel eerie and strange, but this tour around the house is surely a lifetime experience. You may hear Benjamin Franklin and the other member of the family talking to the girl who plays the part of the land lady’s daughter. It is not advisable for the young children t visit. But children above 7 years can visit and if they love history, they can surely get something from the tour. Nearer to the Trafalgar Square, this place is a must-go destination in London.
  • Visit these places when you are in London and enjoy a trip of a lifetime.


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