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Late Night Life of London with Art and Culture

What comes in your mind when I talk about the late night enjoyment in a European city? If you are thinking about the throbbing discs and events of fun, you are seriously mistaken. No, we are talking here about the night spent in the lap of art and culture. Yes, you heard it right. London, one of the global cities of world offers you such a night.

When you are packing your bags for the upcoming trip to London this season, you need to know what the nightlife there has in store for you. London is the city of people across the globe who loves art, culture and history. You can find the juxtaposition of history and modernism in the city. However, it never collides with each other. The spirit of London remains energized even at night too. So, if you are wondering that after spending the whole day visiting different places and buildings in the city what you are going to do at night apart from spending some time in some fancy restaurant or an authentic cuisine, then you are absolutely at the right place.
There are many museums and galleries that remain open for late hours at night. If you are a tourist you are surely going to enjoy. Even if you reside in London, these places can be the best places for a couple of after work drinks.

Take a look of the places that can quench your thirst of some leisure with art and culture late night.

Sir John Soan’s Museum
The house of famous architect, Sir John Soan is itself a beautiful place to visit. The late night visit adds extra charm to it because of the candle light that will illumine his collection after dark. So, if you are planning to visit this place, we would suggest, choose the first Thursday of a month. It remains open from 6 pm to 9 pm. The best part of this night time experience is that it is free.

Camden Arts Centre
London is not just the birthplace of the famous legends. It is also considered as the city that encourages modern art and culture too. The proof is Camden Arts Centre. It is a perfect place if you want to experience the modern art and growing trends of it. Are you visiting soon? We would recommend the upcoming exhibition Diaries (May 17 to July 14). Get the chance to witness the obsessive energy of artist Dieter Roth.
The museum remains open every Wednesday until 9pm. Are you thinking about the pocket pinch? Well, it is free.

Science Museum

Science Museum
Are you a geek and thinking that there is no place to go for you at night? Visit Science Museum. It comes up with different theme on every month and is labeled as the “adult only” museum. This museum popped up with conjunction with British Heart Foundation on this Valentine’s Day and they talked about science of heart and speed dating.
It remains open on the last Wednesday of every month from 6:45 pm to 8 pm.

Handel House Museum
If you want to tweak up the music lover in you Handel Museum is the ideal destination for you. Handel’s home has been restored and have been turned into the museum of best known work, including his legendary work, Messiah. So, when you are visiting London and staying at Park Grand Hotel Kensington London, you should visit Handel House. It is open on every Thursday until 8pm.

Institute of Contemporary Art
ICA in London the throbbing place that remains open till late night for gigs, theatre, and eating. However, the gallery closes at 6 pm, except on Thursday. So, make your Thursdays free from now.

British Museum
Well, if you are a night owl you can enjoy the chance of getting acquainted with the history at British Museum. Now enjoy special tour around Parthenon, the Enlightenment, the Rosetta Stone, and Death in Egypt. There are also some notable exhibitions are going on till May end and September End. Make the most of the night life on every Friday until 8:30 pm.

London Transport Museum
If you are in London in May, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Poster Art 150: London’s Underground Greatest Designs Exhibition. There will be workshops, curator tours, quiz, and book reading session of author Andrew Martin of his book Underground Overground.

National Gallery
National Gallery is the pride of Trafalgar Square. Now you can enjoy the night visit there too on every Friday. Get yourself treated with guided tours, live music, and educational activities. Does all of it sound dry? Well, we can assure you that you are going to have the greatest fun there.

National History Museum
Be it a tour around the city of London or a date night with a close one, nothing can be as beautiful as a trip at National History Museum. A surely off bit place for date, yet a dose to your mind, this is a must visit on last Friday of every month.
Thinking about some really different and quirky experience? Every couple of months the museum organizes Dino Snores, a whole night sleep over for adults under Dippy, the iconic Diplodocus at the entrance. Book in advance and snuggle with your loved one in literally the lap of history and culture.

Royal Academy of Arts
Now spend every Friday at Royal Academy around the Central Exhibition. Avoid the day time crowd and visit Royal Academy on Friday. You just need to keep tab of the time as it can vary along with the entry fee. However, the experience is surely worth remembering.

As you already know about the best places that you must visit during the day in London, it is your time to schedule your nights as well. Visit the websites of the mentioned galleries and museums and visit, not just to get a few drinks of spending some leisurely hours, but for the sake of enjoying the totally different ambience on night. I am sure you are going to enjoy your night life in London to the fullest.

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