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All aboutthe Walki Talki Experience In London

Experience the pleasures of the Walki Talki tours and take back a great travel experience.

London is a land of thrill and excitement. There is a lot to do while here in this city. Walki Talki began to sell digital audio tours for all the media players’ way back in the years 2006 and 2009. Then these got expanded into apps for iPod Touch and the iPhone. Take a walk along the Thames which is available for all tourists. The tour is usually around an hour and a half and runs from The Tower of London to the Houses of Parliament.

The self guided tours are good for travelers who like to wander leisurely and also love to take a small detour. These app tours are really fun without any extra baggage. The guides are good for all those who are visiting for the first time but are also good for the locals.

Walki Talki

Walki Talki’s mp3 audio and pdf map packages are still available but they expanded into the travel app market as they feel it can offer “an easier and richer user experience”. The tours are the same but with the app version downloads directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch with everything you need.

Interactive apps

There are many interactive maps with audio tracks which help us to use the apps easily. The audio tracks are normally narrated by Ben Silburn along with Fiona Dunn. These are good ways of having expert local knowledge and there is a good experience with the banter that one has with them. The audio levels are usually not the same for speakers and stops and the interactive map helps one to reach the whole route. With the best pinch and zoom facility it is easy to use these apps easily.  One can select any track but unfortunately one cannot rewind when the player is at a stop. Listen back till the end of the track is reached. This could be irritating at times however one gets used to it. For people who are put up in the Park Grand Paddington Suites, the facility of such walking tours make travels here much easier.

About The Tour

The tour usually begins from the Westminster Tube station and one enjoys the various angles at which photos can be taken. The images are of high quality and there are is lot of information that helps one to understand this well. The iPhone walking tour is thus a unique and novel way of enjoying walking tours in london city. The best way one can experience the pleasures of wonderful travels is to take back a valuable collection of information and pleasures that make up the entire experience. Tourists who are able to follow the audio well will surely enjoy the unique way of seeing the city.

What One Can See in the Tour?

Westminster Bridge &the Houses of Parliament

The paints of the Westminster Bridge are the same as the House of Commons benches. One also has the London Eye and the Dali Museum and the London Aquarium. The London Eye is the tallest wheel in the entire world. It was constructed in the year 1999 but it is the Singapore Flyer that has the honor now.

Somerset House

One also comes to see the Somerset House while here and also visit the Royal National Theater and the River Thames. Then there is the OXO tower which leads up to Blackfriars Bridge. The Tate Modern is another place that interests the tourists to on end. There are many exhibitions here in the Unilever Series Turbine Hall and this is what is intriguing about this place.

Visit The Millennium Bridge and The St. Paul’s Cathedral

There is a lot of detail about the way the bridge is made and one is really not clear about its strength. So visiting the area is filled with a lot of history of earlier times and also gives maps to track and check the journey. It costs a fortune actually and it is better one does not do it. This is a very important landmark of London and one can then see the St. Paul’s Cathedral for free.

The Globe Theater

This is a unique theater which is open for public. One can understand a lot about the theatrical works of London. There are many ways of enjoying the tour and this is one of them.

The Globe Drama

When one enters the Globe Drama one understands the significance of the structure in tours here.

South Wark Cathedral

This is however another area with a different ambience. One gets to see how Bill Sykes killed Nancy and where as is found in the tale Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

The Great Fire Monument and the London Bridge.

London is also famous for the Great Fire Monument and the London Bridge that it is no surprise tourists flock to make this a perfect destination. The history of the nursery rhyme is “London bridge is falling down and everyone remembers this when they come here. The Great Fire Monument is however on the other river bank.

City Hall and HMS Belfast

This is a lovely way to get closer to the navy. One can view it in style from the top and also take back a great combination for youth and energy into the programme.

The Tower Bridge

This is indeed a wonderful visual delight for all and spans all networks here. This is the best way to visit the upper portions of London and also the ideal way to experience the Tower Bridge exhibition.

The Tower of London

One cannot buy tickets for this at any station as they are really not available.

The iPhone walking tour – An experience

The iPhone walking tour is a great experience and is ideal for new tourists. The tour does take care of all the landmarks in the route. There is a storehouse of information given on this and one really takes back a valuable travel memory.

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