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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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How to Look Like a Commoner in London

London is a land that is filled with the best kinds of travel experiences with a reason to come back for more.

London is a land filled with the best kind of charms and an amazing blend of tour and travel excitement. There is a certain beauty about the place which gives one the feeling of being at home. There is a certain reason why people love to come back to this land of amazing monuments and palaces. However there are various ways one could behave like a regular Londoner today and not give the impression of being a tourist.

Standing on the right

In London the rule is always to be to the right. This is perhaps the biggest rule that would demarcate one from the commoners and tourists. Whether it is the escalator or the underground, the trains or the roads, one has to remember to keep to the right. When one is on the escalator in London one has to ensure that one is on the right. This leaves the left hand side free for those who choose to either walk up or run up. If one is on the right hand side, then be prepared for getting stared at coldly by the locals.

The Rucksack and the wares

Do not wear the rucksack on the front if in London. It is a more preferred way of travelling but it is not acceptable by the locals. Most people in the city sling it over or prefer to put it over the shoulder. Make sure that the wallet and the purse are safe inside a pocket and do not forget to use the pocket in the jacket to good cause. Similarly bum bags are usually used by tourists in the city. However one may feel safe with a bum bag but it actually makes one the odd man out in a crowd thus attracting more attention.

Being Like the Londoner

While one is in London, one has to learn to be like the city dweller. It is a casual city so wearing T-shirts like “I Love London” would categorize one as a visitor. Also make it a point not to count money in public. Get an idea about the British pound starlings and do not discuss money while in a line or while one deals with the cash outside. Keep a small amount of cash ready and always be careful to use the notes with small denominations. The largest note usually is the most unwanted one and the one that is not preferred at all by the sellers.

Other Points to Remember

Remember to always behave like the regular city tourist. It is not good to clutch at the valuables but is better to leave it casually hanging from the bag. Keep the hands on the valuables without making it evident. It is alright to be cautious but not worth it to show it.  In London people usually do not have any eye contact. This is typical of a London kind of life. So even in the Underground or Tube this rule exists. No matter how the crowd is, how crammed the train is, eye contact or conversation with a random stranger does not work.

Travel Safe in London

Getting an Oyster card is perhaps the safest way of dealing with the problems of transport in the city. Smartcards are in vogue and the Oyster card is the easiest way of handling travels and transport here. The smartcard system is the best way one can make way for the best kinds of stays here. If one is planning to use the public transport here then it is always better to have such cards which cost less in totality and also make travelling an easier process.

Pavement Discipline

The discipline in the pavement is very important and one should not get locals angry as it shows that one would be feeling out of place here. Do not stop in the middle of the pavement and take out the map, and disturb all. One may stumble across the place very well. One has to remember to drive on the left. The traffic usually comes from the opposite side of the street and then one can take time while crossing the road. It usually takes months and many years to understand the rule. Sometimes the locals take risks to cross in any part of the world. There are hotels like Paddington Court Suites which ensure one is sure to get the best comforts and conveniences right here in this part of the world. Visit the city and take back a wonderful blend of travel as well as tour ecstasies. This is the best way one could experience the tours here.

The best ways of enjoying the tours around the city is to take back a wonderful blend of travel and tour excitement. Make way for the best and then bring back a perfect blend of tour and travel ecstasy. The memories of being in a different part of the world are really fascinating and interesting and give the person a reason to be happy about. /the best scenes are right here in London where one loves to be a part of the overall experience and where one really feels comfortable and cozy. The ideal combinations of tour and travel experiences and memorable pleasures are further enhanced by the rules and the regulations followed. Enjoy the prospects of making the best dreams come true thought simple steps and simple ways of making everyday life seem so busy.

London the Land of Dreams

London is indeed the land of perfect dreams where one loves to experience the pleasures of a wonderful land filled with delightful pleasures and extreme tour ecstasies. London thus gives one a reason to have the best blend of two of the best forms of living it up in a unique manner. London has this in plenty so anyway the tourist is not troubled.

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