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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Try something unique on your next trip to the UK

The City of London is famous for its rich history and numerous tourist attractions. It has some of the finest palaces, museums, art galleries, public parks and gardens among many other attractions. Besides all of the prominent attractions in London, there a lot more places to visit and explore that are not as well known. Once you are done with visiting the museums and palaces and other well known attractions you could try out something different by visiting other interesting parts of the city. London is known to have something for everyone ranging from the history buff to the enthusiastic adventure lover.

If you plan a trip to London this summer and are looking to stay at a central location in London the Montcalm at brewery London City would be ideal for a peaceful and comfortable stay. With great food, excellent amenities and sterling customer service it is the ideal place to stay when in London. Whether you want to go on a shopping spree or party at some of the coolest nightclubs in London all would be in close proximity, when you stay at the Montcalm.

If you want to explore London one of the best places to begin would be its famous South Bank, a stretch that lies on the south of the River Thames. Besides all the nearby attractions there is a lot more to take in as you stroll along this pleasant part of town. You will come across some of the most entertaining street performers and artists with some being of a really high standard and all the entertainment is for free unless you feel like donating a few pennies.

For those who love to dance and go club hopping, London’s nightlife is just where to let your hair down and party like never before. London has some of the most amazing nightclubs in the world and if you are lucky you bump into a movie or rock star at one of them. Clubbing really took off in the swinging 60s and there has been looking back from then. The music scene is eclectic with all sorts of genres played, which include hip-hop, trance, indie and rock to name just a few. You could take your pick and revel all night long without a care in the world. Some clubs require reservations made in advance so just check before you decide to party.

You could try something different and move out of London to visit Holkham Wells in Norfolk. The area is a National Nature Reserve and a beautiful place to visit. It also has the famous beach that Gwyneth Paltrow graced during the final scene of Shakespeare in Love. Holkham Beach is rated as one of the best beaches in Britain. The area is home to some of the rarest flora and fauna, so it makes for a must-visit when in the UK.

IF you are an adrenaline junkie there is nothing better than riding a rollercoaster. Does Rita, Nemesis or Thirteen ring a bell? If not ask any rollercoaster fan and they will promptly mention that these are the names of rollercoaster rides. All of these can be found at Alton Towers and are a major attraction with those who love adventure. It will make for a most awesome experience.

England is a haven for football lovers with some of the most famous and biggest venues ranging from Old Trafford to Wembley Stadium. Wembley in particular has not only played host to some of the greatest football matches, but also been the venue of some of the biggest musical performances with legendary bands and musicians like Bon Jovi and Queen, among many others having done gigs here. At Wembley Stadium you could catch all the action and watch some of the best footballers exhibiting their genius.  The atmosphere during matches is electrifying to say the least. To get here you could use the London tube and while in the area you could also visit the Royal Albert Hall and the Olympia Exhibition Centre.

Move out of London and you could visit some amazing venues that are famous for skydiving and bungee jumping. Both activities offer a rush like none other. There are even charity skydives done to raise money for a good cause. If you want to do something different then try your hand at either of the two.

If you want to get a great view of the London Skyline, then taking a river cruise is a fantastic way of seeing the city and its many landmarks. It offers a unique vantage point with Thames River Cruises being extremely popular with visitors and tourists to the city. There are a number of cruise operators who operate a variety of cruise itineraries from different parts of the city, and you could choose one that catches your fancy.

Do you fancy getting a birds’ eye view of London? If yes, then hop aboard the London Eye, one of the city’s most well known modern landmarks. It was built to commemorate the beginning of the new millennium in 2000 and has become a favourite attraction with tourists who visit the city. It offers the most stunning views of the city skyline and on a clear day you can see up to 25 miles away. Get into one of the capsules and you will be captivated by the majestic aerial view of London and its many attractions, which can be seen aboard the London Eye. You could also choose to pre-order a bottle of bubbly to sip at leisure while taking in the incredible sights of the city.  Definitely a thrilling way to see London!

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