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Sights to see on No. 26 London Bus Route

It is beyond anyone’s imagination that the London tour buses can actually offer great sightseeing opportunities to the visitors. If you are looking forward to plan a trip to the wondrous city of London during your vacation in the city of dreams then you can surely go ahead and make your dreams come true by means of taking special interest in checking out the several options of bus tours. Depending upon the areas which you would like to target during your vacation in the city of dreams, you always need to avail the bus tours so that you get to enjoy every bit of it just the way you have always have on your mind.

If you are planning to go out on a trip to the dream city of London anytime during your vacation, you must make sure to use the modes of public transportation. Although, the London Underground has always been a great delight to avail but there are various benefits if travelling bus. Therefore, the tubes need not have to be your only choice when it is about reaching nearby or distant areas in the city.

The capital city of England has always been considered to be a bundle of hustle and bustle. Millions of travelers look forward to pay a visit to the English capital for experiencing everything which is British specialty. The brightly red hued London buses travel throughout the city carrying many passengers. Thereby whilst visiting the city of London, you must always make sure to enjoy every significant aspect which makes your trip far more interesting than what you have always imagined. Moreover the buses you can avail the buses all through the day and night. Therefore, even if you are stuck outside the Heathrow airport due to lack of public transportation, you can be completely assured of getting the red London buses which run at great frequency levels.

However, if you are wondering about what an Oyster Card is, you will be thrilled to notice that it is actually a travel card which reduces the usual rates of the London underground tubes and the buses to a great extent. For those who need to avail the no. 26 London bus route will be able to reach Waterloo from Hackney Wick within 1 hour. Apart from that, you also get to sightsee a large number of tourist attractions. Some of the places of tourists interests which no. 26 bus t=route in the city cover are as follows:

  • Museum of Childhood
  • Hackney City Farm
  • Columbia Road Flower Market
  • City Hall
  • The Royal Exchange
  • Mappin & Webb Building
  • Coq D’Argent
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • St. Bride’s Church
  • St. Dunstans Church
  • The Tipperary
  • St. Clement  Danes
  • Australia House
  • National Theater
  • London Eye
  • Big Ben
  • South Bank
  • Waterloo Bridge and several more.

Touring around the city of London can get a bit daunting. Although it is said that all the tarvel attractions are located at a close distance in the city centre but often walking does not help. Those who cannot walk for too long will have to avail the public or private modes of transportation and this is just because of the fact that it gets important for the tourists to explore the selected tourist hotspots within the predetermined time frame. A traveler has several things going on in his mind and for this reason they need to be extremely specific about the entire plan so that they get to enjoy every bit of the vacation just the way it was earlier decided. However, being a first timer you will feel a bit fiddly while viewing the map of the English capital for the first time. The benefits of travelling by bus have been mentioned below. Have a look at them as they are undoubtedly worthy of that extra effort.

  • Saves the journey time: While travelling by bus, you get to save a lot of journey time by means of simply hopping on and off. Whereas while availing the tubes from the London Underground, you will always have to keep extra time in hand which will get duly covered up during travelling to and from the underground stations. For instance, if you are to visit a museum which gets shut down on a specific time, then the buses are the perfect modes of transport which can help you get closer to your destination than anything else.
  • Smoother bus lanes: The bus lanes in this city have been developed extensively for offering the passengers with a smooth ride. There are some special bus lanes which mainly ensure that the bus you are travelling by is running as swiftly as possible thereby offering you with a pleasant bus journey.
  • Punctuality; London city is itself extremely punctual and so are the buses. There is a list of buses which halt in every stop thereby letting you with an opportunity of enjoying your ride without getting late for your next destination. In many stops, you will also be able to find an automated electronic display where you will be able to learn about the timing of the next bus.
  • Double Decker: Ride the double decker buses while holidaying in the dream city of London which always happen to be considered as an iconic aspect of the city’s eccentricity.
  • Cheaper than tubes: The bus rides are always quite reasonable from that of the tube journeys. If you get yourself an Oyster Card then you can also go ahead and enjoy discounted rates even while travelling by the buses.

Those are travelling on budget can go ahead and stay at the four star hotels Heathrow which let you enjoy a closer proximity to the Heathrow International Airport. This gets even more necessary because then only you will be able to understand the importance of staying near the airport. You will not have to miss your flight for great distance issues and will be at the airport right on time.

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