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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Entertainments near The West End

Summary: Stay in London West End for an unforgettable experience. The amazing variety available here will ensure that you are always kept entertained.

Find entertainment in London West End

London remains the top choice for tourists across the world and a common destination for anyone heading towards Europe. The incredible culture and the endless entertainment are the top reasons why people go out of their way to spend spend a few days in London. The incredible people, the amazing art, and a never ending list of things to do make this city a must-visit place. All the top travel guides in the world have London listed and are filled with details about all the things that you can do here.

From fine dining to high end shopping, London offers it all. There are also a number of places that you can visit for the sake of your entertainment. Clubs, comedy houses, cinemas and so much more are on offer, and when you are in London, you only get the best. The city is too competitive to ever allow anything less than amazing to stay in business so when you walk into a place in London, you know that they have met the approval of thousands before you, if not millions.

The London West End is a particularly high end district of the city and home to the artists and elite. It is located very close to a number of popular destinations and is a few minutes from the popular nightlife destination of London, Soho. Staying here is one of the best decisions you can make and you will enjoy quick access to the best entertainment services in London. Whether you want to catch some plays or enjoy the latest movies, when you stay at a hotel in London West End, all of this is possible and easily accessible as well.

There are hundreds of places you can visit when you stay in London West End. Since you will only be here for some time, make sure that you do not miss out on the best choices available in London West End.

To make this stay affordable and a whole lot more enjoyable, check out some incredible London West End hotel deals. With so many luxury hotels to choose from, you will always have ample of choices.

Discover the best places to visit for entertainment in London West End:

1. Prince Charles Cinema:

This iconic cinema hall is legendary among tourists and locals alike. You can visit this fairly priced cinema to catch a movie or two when you have a little time. It used to be an obscure little cinema where lovers of independent movies could go, but all of that changed when the famous movie director, Quentin Tarantino, mentioned the cinema by name and said it had everything that a cheap cinema should offer. He further went on to say that Prince Charles Cinema was perfect for the screening of Kill Bill, the movie which smashes records all across the globe when it released.

2. Vue West End

If you want your cinema viewing experience to be a little more modern, then Vuew West End is the place you should be at. The 9 screens available here ensure that you will have ample of options to pick from whenever you feel like watching a movie. The popular cinema hall is also frequently used for movie premiers, the most famous being John Hancock, and Twilight. You can expect to catch the second part of the Avenger movie if you are in London right now, and the IMAX experience at Vue West End is quite superb.

3. The 99 Club

Love improv and stand up comedy? Then make sure to spend an evening at the 99 Club and enjoy live performance by professional as well as amateur comics. The club holds daily shows and the West End performance is held at the Storm Club where you can expect to catch some of the most hilarious and outrageous comedians in the country putting up their acts.

4. Comedy Store

There is no place more sacred to the world of standup comics in the UK than the Comedy Store.  It is here that some of the most popular comics of the country have found their fame, and the store I constantly coming out with great acts days after day. Spend some time here to watch upcoming artists perform live to you, long before you catch them on some TV show.

5. The Secret Comedy Club @ The Africa Centre

We’ll admit that we are a little partial to standup comedy, but in our defence, it is hilarious! Visit The Secret Comedy Club for even more dose of laughter at the hands of established as well as up  and coming comics.

6. Ronnie Scott’s

Jazz lovers need to head for this place right away to enjoy the finest live jazz music in London. The club has been nothing short of a mecca for the biggest name n the world of jazz music for over half a century. Visit any time and you are bound to witness some of your favourite aritsts putting up a show!

7. Wyndham’s Theatre

This iconic theatre in London is over a century old and has been home to some of the most popular shows ever produced in the world. In modern times, the Wyndham’s Theatre continue to uphold its glorious traditions and hosts all kinds of shows. Playing right now is the American Buffalo, with the highly anticipated show The Mentalist lined up next.

8. Prince of Wales Theatre

The Prince of Wales Theatre has stood longer than even the Wyndham’s theatre and has a past just as iconic and illustrious. Some of the biggest stars of their times have performed live here in Prince of Wales Theatre and you can always find a good show to watch here.

Make the most of your time in London by checking out these amazing places. If entertainment is what you seek, then you shall find it here in ample abundance. Music, comedy, movies and theatre, no matter what  you like, London West End is the place you must visit for the most fun.

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