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Travel Stories from the Milestone Hotel

Hotel delights are very interesting and provide great luxuries in travels to London.

London is a land of hospitality and luxury. The warmth extended by the people of London is seen to be believed. With a stylish décor and an elegant touch the hotels here seem to come alive with the vibrance and charm of the tourists here. The Milestone hotel is one such part of hotel experiences which provides a great feel to the tours in this part of the world. Enjoy the simple delights here and cherish the comforts and luxuries that come with it. With services that are unbelievably comfortable and exclusive suites, the hates has the best kind of arrangements for all those who come here. The modern amenities and the simple methods of relaxation and luxury only make the stays very memorable. The hotel caters to the needs of the tourists and gives the best of traditional offerings and modern luxuries. Located very near the Kensington Palace, the hotel is sure a one stop destination for all who come to this part of London. Add to it, the fact that Hyde park is very near the hotel, makes it all the more a reasonable place to stay while on tours in London.

Experiences in the Hotel

The hotel has the widest range of luxury and style and provides it all in quick comfort zones. There are sights here which remain etched in your mind forever. The high end retail boutiques in the region are located near the hotel. The fact that the hotel is near the Royal Albert hall attracts many as this is a landmark hall in London. The Victoria and Albert Museum is also located next to the hotel. Experience the best of travel delights here and take back the memories of a magical land. Visitors love to bask in the royal touch of the Buckingham Palace. There are many landmark zones here which really cater to the tourist interest of a traveler. The satisfaction quotient is high here and the tourist luxury the maximum. The passage in the hotel is a sight to reckon with. The noble glory and the lovely constructions make up the visual ecstasy here. Then there are those dividers which are made beautiful with fascinating embellishments and interesting carvings. The furniture is very warm and shines in the light of the midnight stars. This is a visual beauty that lasts forever and with the lavish styles and amazing décor the tourist simply basks in the pleasures of a great hotel.

Facilities in the Hotel

This is a hotel which has a great lounge area. The bar and the restaurants provide the refreshment that the guests enjoy greatly. The swimming poolgives the much needed exercise that travelers need while on a tour. The relaxation and rejuvenation part is very important in travels and the hotel There is a 24 hour desk which is there always for help. The room service facility is also very efficient. They are there whenever one needs them and take care of the stuff and belonging with dedication. For those who come here on conference board meetings, the business deals are easy to handle. Babysitting facilities are also available along with perfect hotel amenities. One can dry clean the clothes here and also enjoy the free internet and wi fi facilities. The touristswould also be happy to enjoy the concierge facilitiesalong with the luggage storage room. The butler service is also efficient here along with perfect room service. The room’s service is available throughout the day here and thus the tourists are always well informed about everything during their stay.

Amenities in the Hotel

There are facilities for all and add to this the fact that the businessmen can also stay here comfortably adds to the hotel pleasures here. There is a facility for conference and also for sauna. With a perfect WI fi facility and an organized lobby and receptions the amenities are very good in the hotel making it easier for the tourists to enjoy their travels. Lift is available here and there is a facility with elevator too. Valet parking is efficient here as also arrangements for babysitting. At times one can also avail of the offsite parking facilities. There is a spa which caters to the requirement of the tourist. The simple luxuries of everyday life are a true quotient of the hotel and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the facilities in a special way.

Sites to see in and around the hotel.

One of the major advantages of the hotel is the fact the hotel is near some of the best tourist spots in London. Take for example the Kensington palace which is an amazing place to be in. the sheer magnificence of the construction along with the fascinating history behind it gets the tourist very curious about the whole mansion. Guests would also love to enjoy the high end boutiques in the vicinity of the hotel. There is a lovely collection of art and design in the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is a great attraction for all who come here. This is one of the reasons why a tourist would love to be a part of this hotel experience. The sheer royal touch to the entire structure and the fact that one can enjoy the pleasures of so many beautiful sight seeing spots makes it all the more a very loved and delightful place. The hotel also has spa and health facilities and provides one with ideal travel luxuries and tour delights. With perfect arrangements to completely relax the mind body and soul, the spa here is an ideal place to relax in after going around the places in the vicinity. The entire hotel luxury is based on the customer satisfaction and this is in great quotients here as the travelers coming here go back with vivid memories of a wonderful hotel in the beautiful and fascinating city of London.

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