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Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Know all about travelling in London buses

Since there is no clear indication on where to get on and where to get to, tourists often feel nervous about travelling on London buses. The bus system in London is an excellent way of getting around even though there are other picturesque and convenient ways available. By following some simple steps, you can confidently travel on London buses.

You can start by purchasing a travel card from your nearby tube or underground station. It is recommended to carry out this purchase after nine in the morning since trying to buy it before nine can cost you almost twice the cost. The travel card entitles you for unlimited travel on all the tube trains and buses in London. Hence, if you are in London you may want to get one or an Oyster card will be a better and a cheaper option. After you have purchased, you will have to look out for a typical sheltered and clearly market bus stop. You can also look out for a bus station, as it will offer you with a better option of choosing from many destinations. There will be a timetable mentioned on which you will have to look out for your destination. Once you have decided your destination, the bus number that travels on that route will be mentioned along with the entire route itself so that you can decide as to where do you want to get off the bus.

When you board the bus, verify the number and destination of the travel with the driver so that you can be assured of travelling on the right bus. Also, since the bus fare varies, you will have to pay if you do not have a travel card. But you will not be required to pay if you have a travel card. If you are a first timer in the city, getting off the bus on the right location can be a bit tricky. Hence, if you are travelling in a double-decker bus, sit on the upper level so that you can get a better view as to where are you approaching. Always look out for landmarks or tube stations near your destinations so that you can appropriately get off the bus at the right time.

Adding more credit to your Oyster Card: You will have to add more credit to your Oyster card if it runs out of money. The process of adding credit is easy, you can simply get it done at the:

•Emirates Air Line terminals
•London over ground and tube station ticket offices
•Travel information centers
•Oyster ticket stops in the small shops across the city
•Touch screen ticket machines in the National Railway station, London Over ground, and DLR and Tube stations.

How to ask the driver to stop??
Remember that the bus does not stop on request between the stops and they only stop at the designated stops. You will have to press the red buttons found on the metal posts of the buses if you want the driver to let you off at the coming bus stop.

London Bus Information:
For most travelers the central London bus map is a sufficient resource. This map can be downloaded from the Free London Travel Maps page and is also available from the travel information centers. Transport for London’s journey planner which is an online page is where you can easily plan your bus route.

Night Bus information in London:
It is great to know that buses run on the streets of London throughout the night. The night close time and daytime start of the tube service is the time that is covered by the night bus services. Trafalgar Square is the best place to check for information on the bus stops for night buses as it is the hub for the night bus services. Unlike the day buses, night bus stop on request and their frequency is a bit low.

London Bus Tours a great way of exploring the city: The bus tours in London are a great way of exploring the famous monuments, streets and architectural wonders of the city. The tour guides provide you with interesting facts and historical background with commentary that is multi-lingual.

Also, other than planning your bus tour or bus travel in London, it is of equal importance to determine as to which hotel you will be choosing to stay. Remember that different hotels provide people with different needs. Hence firstly has known whether the travel is for business or for leisure, and then you can look for the hotel accommodation accordingly.

Since London is a commercial as well as fashion hub, a large number of people travel here for various purposes and there are hotels that cater to all these travelers. However, one name that caters to all the types of guests remains The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington. This is a luxury accommodation that provides with excellent and extremely comfortable amenities and facilities.

There are many positive features about this hotel one of which remains the tactical location of this property. The property is centrally located close to most of the business offices and tourist attractions. It is situated in proximity to the underground station, Paddington mainline and Hyde Park. Along with a whole lot of amenities and facilities the hotel avails you with a tranquil and peaceful environment which is most needed after a busy day of sightseeing and exploration. Since it is located near Paddington which is one of the most happening places in London. Paddington is so popular because most of the places of interest are housed closely. Places such as historic museums, art galleries stations, parks, gardens, London eye as well as business offices are simply a walk away which is extremely helpful if you like walking.

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